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I have a drawing with 50 configurations, each of which I'd like to export to .igs and .sat. Is there a way to do this in Solidworks? Are there any utilities I can download that will do this? The only thing I found in the archives is "PAC4SWX", which doesn't seem to have what I want. I saw one post from Solidworks World 2001 which listed batch print/translate as no. 56 on the user request list.


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Macro wouldn't be too hard. you would need to attach to the activedoc get a list of the configs and save each one out.

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You are right, PAC4SWX doesn't di this ... intentionally. I have designed it to batch print, convert or macro-run it for multiple files, not multiple configurations.

But one of our fellows in the german webforum made the kind of macro you are looking for and allowed me to put it on one of my websites. Please go to

formatting link
download the macro 16 ( ExportConfigAs ) and give it a try.

HTH, Stefan

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