Anyone know the best way to batch convert Cadkey files?

We have been using SolidWorks since SW 99. We still have a large number of files in our legacy format, Cadkey (.PRT). Our current plans are to start using PDF files as our "master" drawing for manufacturing. While there are a number of options to do this with SolidWorks (custom macro, Bluebeam, PAC4SWX, etc), im trying to find the best way to do this for our Cadkey files.

Anyone know a way to batch convert (or batch print) files in Cadkey?

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There is SolidWorks Task Scheduler available to SW Office Pro/Premium users I think. I don't know if it handles CadKey files. Other than that your best option would be a simple macro. It could iterate through your parts directory and open each cadkey file. Then save the file as PDF. Good luck.

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