Exporting Solidworks 2004 to AutoCAD

When I export a solidworks drawing to Autocad the views disappear. My
vendor send me solidworks drawing which I open in Solidworks without
the referenced 3D models. I can see the views in solidworks but when I
export to AutoCAD the views disappear. Is it necessary to have the 3D
models open when exporting to AutoCAD? Is there a way around this? I
can export to PDF but that is not my end goal.
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Are the views maybe draft quality? I know there is a problem with printing drawings with draft quality views and maybe it's affecting your situation.
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Wayne Tiffany
No I do not believe the views are draft quality. Everytime I try and save as a dwg solidworks will report an error that solidworks is unable to locate the model in question and then asks if I want to locate it. The problem is I don't have the file/model reference in question. I just have the drawing. SolidWorks will then save the file but not transfer any view that doesn't have a model attached to it.
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I think SW drawings have to refernce the model to translate to DWG. This would be especially true if the model were draft quality. In draft, the 2D geometry is a faceted approximation. Without reference to the model it wouldn't know the radius of a corner, or many other things.
Can you dimension radii ??
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Mark Mossberg

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