Exporting Solidworks 3D-Part Model to AutoCAD

I have created an assembly in SolidWorks and exported to AutoCAD as a ACIS file but in AutoCAD if my one Part of Assembly is Joined with two or three parts then after getting in AutoCAD all those parts appear to be One Unit where as these are different in SolidWorks. so when i want to rendering by applying materials in autoCAD all those objects will have the Same material but i want ot apply different materials to them.

can any body help me to know a better way of Exporting SolidWorks Assembly to AutoCAD.

Thanks Sanjay

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If you don't want them to be one solid why are you joining (union) them?

What version of AutoCAD are you using? If earlier than 2007 you could apply materials by ACI.

No trouble here? Maybe you could post your files at

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