AutoCAD 3D Tutorial

I have been asked to teach a basic AutoCAD 2002 3D workshop for the
skills center at my work. I have not worked with 3D for awhile and
would like to find some Web sites or good tutorials on the basics of
using 3D in AutoCAD.
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Check out my AutoCAD Links Page for Tutorials
TheCADGuy has some 3D stuff
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I taught myself 3D in ACAD14 from the "Inside AutoCAD 14" book. The chapter on 3D is a very good, step-by-step approach to drawing in 3D. Now that I have the basics I can do anything that I need to in 3D. I do not use the more sophisticated tools but i have what I need from that book and some practice.
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G. Willis
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should have a few autocad tutorials. i think they're under a section called "tutacad" or something like that.
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