As a Civil Engineering site agent now aged 43, I would not wish to stay in
this job into my old age. With the way pensions are in the UK ,I expect I
may have to have to work on a little into old age and would consider being a
cad draftsman the kind of job that could may suit me as an alternative
I have been using Autocad 2000 for an hour or two each week for the last
The big question is :-
Do I have any prospects to become rich in my old age ?
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Mr John X
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Yes, provided that sometime between now and then you figure out a way to do it. Drafting isn't it.
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As I always say, "There has got to be an easyier way of earning money"
If anyone finds it will they let me know before they go......
Alan (Cadalot)
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play the lottery -- be cool,
Longshot "
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If working would be so good, why the rich people leave to the poor?
"Longshot" schreef in bericht news:bm649n$iqvcn$
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