solidworks and autocad

Hi All, can someone suggest me if there are an way to convert from solidworks to/from autocad ? Thanks


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SW will open dgw files, select the .dwg file type from the Open dialog box.


formatting link
for going from SW to Acad

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Autocad and SWX can both import/export ACIS files, so that's your best bet for 3D geometry. Use DWG for 2D.

John H

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John H

With ACAD and Autodesk, best is to forget (just suppress all bad memories)

But if you real, absolutely have to ..

Depending on what are you doing?

Moving 3D geometry from / to SW - use ACIS format

For 2D drawings

Just for printing / viewing DWG files DWG editor (this will let you do some small modifications to the file) or eDrawings ( I found it more stable).

2D geometry from / to SW I would go with DXF (remember that some cad files out there are not to scale .. I will not comment on that one..)

2D out of SW save drawings as DWG or DXF make sure to save correct version ( I usually do the earliest DXF to make sure it can by opened on most applications out there. No matter what it will never look identical)

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ZioGian ha scritto:

Thank's all for the tips. By Gian

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Note that Autodesk products will read only up to ACIS v7 (*.sat). In SWX click Options when saving solids to ACIS and set to v7.

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