Can Someone Tell Me?

I am a doing first year electrical engineering in india. Many of my
friends teased me due to my discion of joining this branch saying tht
now there is no scope 4 electrical engiin. Plz can somebody tell me if
ths true??????
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Yes. The whole World is going to stop using electricity, on May 21 2007.
You want a career with a future. How about gerbil-breeding? Lots of them are going to be needed, in little wheels, to power our pneumatic, but green, computers.
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In 1946, while I was in high school, a friend, who was about to enter his senior year at Pratt Institute studying engineering, said the same thing. Not only that, he dropped out.
What does that prove? Very little.
-- Ferme le Bush
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Salmon Egg
Most of the engineering programs are the same for the first couple of years. Like one of the other posters said,,,, we are going to stop using electricity in 2007. Ya right.
Electrical engineering is just like any other field. You can go into power, electronics, communication or a host of other areas. If this is your decision then become the best that you can be. The jobs and money will follow.
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This is an electrical world- and becoming even more so. SQLit has said it well. If EE is what you want -go for it and do it well. Pull the plug on the TV when they are watching. --
Don Kelly remove the X to answer ----------------------------
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Don Kelly
Watchmaking will be back in vogue as well in 2007, to make the tiny gears and levers the mechanical math co-processors will require. I can't wait to sit back and watch my PC hum to life and see all the dials spin!
The future is now, live it or live with it. = George LeRoy TyreByter.
Pal> Push wrote:
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An engineer I once worked for, a very bright one I might add, studied electrical engineering by gasoline lantern at home in Turkey. I will never forget him telling me this!
Push wrote:
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We can't forget about Thomas Edison, without whom we would be watching our plasma HDTV by candlelight!
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want 'scope'? join the navy: every submarine has at least one
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Maybe what they mean is that, in India, electrical engineering is no longer the most profitable or marketable degree. And there may be some truth to that, I'm not an expert beyond personal experience with outsourced engineering.
However, in Indian colleges (in fact colleges everywhere) there have been far too many students entering the field for purely monetary reasons. These students drag down the quality of the classes and come out disinterested and unoriginal thinkers.
If you truly want to be an electrical engineer and have real interest, by all means PLEASE ignore your friends and keep going! It will be an uphill battle marketing yourself to those used to the standard engineer-by-rote crowd, but in a decade you'll be doing very well.
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Hi Push,
Forget about Palindrome's saying. They are idiot.
You have to evaluate by yourself, and consider that energy is allways required in industry. Nowadays, the best way for an industry to obtain energy is not by water river or gas or petroleum. It is by electricity.
Use in your consideration the economic grow of your country, and the number of people having that title. They are your competence. look at the amount of other students in electrical engineering in your country, they will be your competence.
Even so, you could start doing consulting in electrical engineering.
I know your country suffer from natural disasters every year. I think that energy has to be restablished every time it happens. Even your people may need reliable portatile power supply, in electric form.
Finally, look at everywhere and you will find that almost everything in peoples homes and in the world work with electricity.
If you like the work area in electricity, you will enjoy your desition.
I wish wisdom for you. So, ask yourself, the older people that have experience in the world and your student mates.
Regards, Hernando.
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Hernan Martinez
We shall see. They said the same thing about Noah - but he knew his gerbils and survived, unlike his neighbours with their electric blankets- you don't see them mentioned in history books, do you?
Well done on your English! I was going to reply to you in Spanish but there is no word for "irony" in Spanish. Ironical, that. Sue
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Its too bad they don't appreciate your wicked sense of humor, Sue. :(
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Michael A. Terrell
correct, its much too cold in May to stop using electricity. the true date will be in August. (for the northern hemisphere: cascade failure will trip out the southern hemisphere) Australia will still have cold beer until May of the next year.
Niagara Falls and the Colorado river will be closed for cleaning.
look at all the nucular power plants in India... they will be your job.
... after a few years of experiance
can you sing "i am a lineman for the county" ?
...for as long as the batteries last
and khz will refer to the bank of cages along the wall: Kritter Habitat Zone
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...: : and khz will refer to the bank of cages along the wall: Kritter Habitat : Zone
kHz, or KHz, NOT "khz"; get it right. Also H and z are not two different things; they are a person's last name. And you still won't get a free habitat out of it.
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nor free power either. you have to feed the little kritters. soon afterward it will be discovered that larger and more exotic animals are needed to provide the AMF (animal motive force) needed for equipment operations. when its rediscovered that lots of energy is released during intercourse, KHZ will come to mean Kangaroos Humping Zebras.
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