Could you tell the difference?

I have a case of Tower 15% nitro fuel and was about to order some YS 20/20 fuel for the four-strokes. Then it occurred to me that I might not be able to tell the difference.

What do you think? I'm going to use the 15% nitro fuel in all of my engines, both two-stroke and four-stroke.

Ed Cregger

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Ed Cregger
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Hi Ed -- I can't tell the difference!

I have been using 15% nitro fuel in all of my engines (2 & 4-stroke) sizes ranging from an Enya .09 to an OS 3.0 Gemini for over 18 years now. I use a custom blend from FHS, which is Red Max. The formula came from Clarence F. Lee; it is 15% nitro and 18% total oil of which 15% is synthetic and 3% castor. I used it in my YS .53, and still run it in my Lasers. As the saying goes, "It works for me!"

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Lyman Slack

You will notice the difference in your four strokes. It may be too much nitro for the two strokes, though. Good for many heli engines.

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Paul McIntosh

I have been running 25% Omega in all my engines for about five years now and everything from LA15 to Saito 270T including YS91AC's really like it. Only thing I have had to do is adjust the plug heat range in some. The Saito 270T has been running since 1988 without even a set of bearings. I think the extra oil in Omega helps a lot with the heat dissipation. However, like Paul sez, it may make a difference (with lower nitro fuels).

Phil AMA609

Paul Mc> You will notice the difference in your four strokes. It may be too much

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Ed Forsythe

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