A friend got me a SMER SM-79 Kit , What can I do with It

A friend of mine gave me a SMER SM-79 1/48 Kit. It looks pretty sparse
and there is a lot of flash. Can somebody tell me what I can do with
this Kit. Are there any detail parts sets for it in Resin or either
Photo Etch. I just have to tell you it really does look kind of bleak
inside of the Box. But I don't want to give it back or anything and
want to try and make the best of it. :)
Soooo , can you please be of some help
... Carl ..........
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painted it first in colors darker than I wanted at the end and then painted it the colors that I wanted. I then used steel wool to lightly sand most of it until the underside colors started to bleed through. It won second place in class in a contest in 1983. It's pretty just as it is.
If you want to do more with the kit, go to the Fine Scale Modeler index of issues. Sometime in the past five or so years, a guy did a fancy build of this kit. The results were amazing. Jerry 47
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jerry 47
I think Eduard di a set for the SMER kit years ago, but don't know if they still produce it or not.
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Don McIntyre Clarksville, TN
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Don McIntyre
i've built two as practice for a real kit. i scratched the guts and detailed the outside. looks like a 79. get some pics, find the version you want and do what you want. the shape is there...make your version.
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