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(PDF) Color atlas of brainstem surgery by Robert F. Spetzler
This is the PDF eBook version for Color atlas of brainstem surgery by Robert F. Spetzler (Download link for cheap price) Download instantly Color atlas of brainstem surgery by Robert F. Spetzler, M....
Hey Trumpeter... about a 1/32 Su-22 series of kits? You've produced everything else I've asked for...THANKS! And while you're at it, I'd go for a 1/32 Su-57 as well..!
F-8E Crusader French Special 1/48 instructions for Hasegawa
My son gave me one but without the instructions... Can someone help? Thanks. Try here: F-8E(FN) Crusader French Special (Plastic model) Images List
AT-11 Conversiton Kit
Is there a kit to convert the ICM 1/48-scale Beceh 18/C-45 into an AT-11?
Star Racers - Online Model Race For Kids
This is a new veteran-ownned company that combines a model design opportuni ty for kids and an online race. You can check it out at This is from our "About Us" page: "Boy or girl, fast or slow,...
Airfix Bristol Blemheim Mark I-F in 1/48
Has anyone built this kit? The reviews I've read look promising. Also is anyone aware of any plans by Airfix to issue a Mark IV kit
Anigrand Models
Is there usually a lot of release agent on these? I've had experience building a couple but those were purchased secondhand. I just recently bought a set new in box. I don't want to start assembly if...
Anybody know anything about the Carzol Frontier Land Race?
A lot of pieces are missing and I am unable to locate this anywhere on the internet. Box is also in poor shape. Horses, harnesses, cowboys, buckboard, prairie schooner and work wagon are missing, Not...
Re: F/S 1/48 kits and books
/../ Imagine how much more there must be available now :D
Former member of the group
Has anyone here heard of or from Jules in England. He used to have quite a stash and an iguana before he moved over the Saxony. I know he's back in England, or he was circa 2012. I had an email from...
F-150 Super Crew
Is there a plastic kit of the F-150 Super Crew? Meng makes one
tamiya 35202
does anybody have a idea on how many 35202 otto carius tiger 1 were released
Collect Aire AT-9 Jeep
I am looking for the 1/48 AT-9 Jeep kit...if anyone has one they would like to sell please let me know...this is the only kit I need to complete a collection of all the planes my grandfather flew in...
Factory Sealed 1966 Rambler American Convertible Johan Model For Sale
I have this model on eBay at the following link:
"Air Trax Resin Saab kit Wanted"
1:24 Saab 96 Sport 1962 two stroke issued in 2007. Thanks, Pete Found one, thanks. Pete