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The parts of the Gunze Sangyo 1/450 Queen Elizabeth 2 model look identical to the Revell 1/450, so they are probably made form the same molds. I am hoping to get some better instructions for the build of the Revell kit because Revell's instruction are abysmal... some parts on the parts tree are not even listen in the build instructions... mystery bits, even though they are numbered on the tree! If anyone has a decent set of instructions for the 1/450 kit (maybe the Gunze Sangyo ones?), please let me know, I would love to get a pdf of that. Thanks!
> > I have a 2002/3 GSI catalog , and it does have a Queen Elizabeth 2 1:450 > > scale kit. > Thanks Bob, see below for more info. > > "Gernot Hassenpflug" wrote in message > > I saw a 1/450 scale Queen Elizabeth II kit in a local toy shop > From sources on SMML it seems that the Otaki made the original molds, > and Gunze Sangyo took them over in 1980 when Otaki went belly-up. I heard also > that Encore made the molds, and that Titanic -> Academy, while > Lusitania, QE2 -> GS. Is Encore an alias for Otaki? > The kit appears fairly basic (not much detail, molded-on ladders) and > will build a 1970's era QE2, not a 1980's version. Still, with PE > railings, ladders, lots of details (or covers!) for the boats, > antennas and so on, it sure looks to build up into an impressive > model. Still thinking about it. The list price in Japan is > ¥6000 - is this consistent with the overseas price? > -- > G Hassenpflug RASC, Kyoto University
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