[Q] Airfix 1/24 Lancia Stratos Turbo?

Is this any good? I can't find the Tamiya version anymore, and was
thinking of picking up the airfix release.
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Take a look here:
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It's in French, but a web translator can help you understand.
In short, it's a review/build-report of several Stratos 1/24 model kits, among them there is the Airfix. In page 4 there is a rank of the models, (Airfix is rated 6th on 8), but I think this article is a bit outdated.
The rating explanation says: "Very bright decal colours, really poor building instructions, doors/hood do not open. Body too narrow. Engine parts more than scarce. Nice body".
IMO you should get an Airfix/Heller Stratos only if you consider building a turbo model. Even in this case try to find a Fujimi kit too.
If a plain rallye car can go, there is the excellent Fujimi enthusiast kit (both 1/20 and 1/24 scale), with motor and exquisite details, the very good Revell Germany with a nice Dino motor. Hasegawa makes nice curbsides too, that can be built into fine replicas with a Ferrari Dino motor salvaged from a Revell kit.
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