Tips needed - Yellow C-130 walkway outline in 1/72?

Hi gang,
For a C-130 project in 1/72 a lot of yellow outline for the walkways on
wings and fuselage are needed.
Anyone tried using a yellow gelpen or similar on a dark green surface?
The line is 1/2" full scale which makes it 1/144" in 1/72 = thin.
Other options that come to mind are:
Decal stripes but I need quite a lot - 80" worth - is there a sheet with
mainly thin lines?
Cutting decal sheet with two knife blades taped together to keep constant
Old-fashioned drafting pen (the kind that looks somewhat like a pair of
pliers at the end)
ALPS (will have problems getting a 'warm' yellow)
Any other ideas?
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Have you tried Daco decals ?
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Pierre Francois
Letraline tape is used by graphics professionals for thin lines. The smallest it goes is 0.4 mm, but that's pretty thin (only twice the width you need) According to the letraset web site, it's available in yellow, but only in the 1/32" width:
formatting link
You'll have to decide whether that's acceptable or too broad. You get 16.5m in a roll for GBP5.25
The site also suggests that the tape can be painted, so you could lay some of the white 1/64 tape down on glass, spray it the yellow you want with acrylic, and peel it off to lay down on the model.
Bestest, M.
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Matt Bacon
Hi Pierre, Thanks for the tip, unfortunately the walkways are outlined in black on their Hercules sheet I have I could use it for door outlines, etc. though.
Cheers, Sten
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The yellow on white sounds like a workable solution - I might try it.
Thanks! Sten
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Check out a hobby shop that deals in HO gauge trains and such. One of the people who makes decals for the model railroad addicts has sheets of colored stripes in several widths down to 1/64".
Bill Shuey
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William H. Shuey
Thanks, I will look into it!
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Microscale makes sheets of lining in yellow (Dulux). I'm not sure how thin you need them and whether they come that thin but I bought their sheets for safety striping on HO locomotives. You'll probably have to find a dealer in model railway supplies.
Bill Banaszak, MFE
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Bill Banaszak
Could you spray the yellow first? Then lay down a thin strip of "chart" tape as a mask? And THEN spray the dark green?
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Greg Heilers
GMTA - Great Minds Think Alike The same idea actually struck me this morning in the 'library' ;o) This will probably be the one I try first, possibly substituting the chart tape with Tamiya Masking tape cut into strips
Thanks !!
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