Modern aircraft blowout sale!!!

I've decided to get out of the modern aircraft end of our hobby, so
I'm putting up a bunch of 1/72 (and a couple 1/144) modern kits,
decals and PE. Feel free to make a reasonable offer on the entire
collection; there's about $500 worth of stuff here at good prices!
Fine Print: All prices are USD. Shipping will be extra. For U.S. and
Canada, I'll quote you a reasonable shipping price. I'll also ship
worldwide if you're willing to pay the somewhat exorbitant USPS cost;
I'll give you an actual quote *before* shipping. Also, I'll be happy
to include insurance if you pay for it. Otherwise, once I ship it, my
liability ends. (I'll note, however, I've never had a problem with
uninsured packages, so it's your call!)
Thanx for looking. Hope you find something you want. E-mail me
directly at
Les (Friendly Airplane Asylum flack)
C-5A (NOTE: 1/144 scale). HUGE kit! Gray/white scheme. The old Otaki
mold. These kits routinely go for $80 -$90 on E-Bay! $70.00
MiG-29UB. Decals include number set for just about any MiG-29. $5.00
XB-70 Valkyrie. HUGE kit! Decals for USAF, NASA. These routinely go
for $50+ on E-Bay! $40.00
F-111A Aardvark. Decals for 474TFW, 429TFS. BONUS! Incl. NASA/USAF
AFTI decals from Hasegawa kit. $8.00
Tu-26 (Tu-22M2) NOTE: 1/144 scale 8.00
RARE! X-4/X-5 combo *vacuform* kit. Two complete aircraft in one kit.
TA-4J Skyhawk. Decals for VA-45, VC-1, IAF. $7.50
A-7E Corsair II.(Fujimi/Testors issue) Decals for VA-93, VA-192. One
nat'l insignia missing; price incl. SuperScale sheet w/ VA-12 mkgs and
insignia. $7.50
CH-46E/F Sea Knight. Decals for HMM-262,HMM-161, HMM-268. One
"Marines" decal missing; price incl. SuperScale sheet SS-374 for
Kaneohe MCAS, Whidbey NAS and "Marines" mkg. $8.50
SH-2F Sea Sprite. $7.00
SH-2H Sea King. Optional parts & decals for H or D models. 12.00
F-89C. Decals for USAF, Montana ANG. $6.00

F-22 Raptor. Decals for Edwards AFB aircraft. BONUS! Incl. Eduard PE
detail set! $11.00
OA-10A Warthog. Decals for 52TFW, 110TFG. $10.00
T-45A Goshawk. Decals for USN prototype aircraft. $5.00
HH-53 "Jolly Green Giant" Decals for 37th ARRS, IAF. $10.00
B-1B "Enduring Freedom" issue. Decals for 28BW, 7BW, "Star of
Abilene." $21.00
F-16C Falcon. Decals for 79FIS Tiger Meet, DC, Illinois ANG. $10.00
F-14A Tomcat "Top Gun." NSAWC decals. Part of black walkways cut out;
price includes replacement black decal. $20.00
Su-27. "Test Pilots" boxing. No kit decals; I've substituted Cutting
Edge Su-27 sheet that includes "Test Pilots" team mkgs and five other
a/c. $20.00
EA-6B Prowler. (Hasegawa/Minicraft issue) Decals for VAQ-130. $6.00
S-3A Viking. Radome, gear painted by prior owner. Decals ratty; price
incl. SuperScale 72-219 for VS-33, VS-22, VS-41, VX-1. $9.00
SH-60B Seahawk. Decals for HSL-51 "Warlords." Instrument panel decal
missing. $5.00
AV-8A Harrier. Decals for VMA-542, Spain. Long OOP! $11.00
RF-4C/E "Recce" Phantom II. Decals for Ala. ANG, Luftwaffe, Spain.
Long OOP! $8.00
F-104G/S Starfighter. (Esci/Ertl issue)Decals for Luftwaffe, Spain,
Italy. $4.50
F/A-18A Hornet "Desert Storm" (Esci/Ertl) issue. Decals for VFA-81.
F-15A/B Eagle. Decals for 1TFW, 36TFW, IAF. $4.50
Alpha Jet. Decals for Luftwaffe, France (demo scheme?). $3.00
MiG-31. Decals for "Red 31." $14.00
MiG-23MF. $10.00
Su-17M3 (w/photoetched details)12.00
Su-25K. Czech AF decals. $5.00
DeHavilland Vampire F-B. Mk. 5 or 50. Includes decals, bag, header
card. $5.00
SPECIAL! Built-up 1/48 Monogram T-6 marked as an SNJ-5 from the NACA
Langley Aeronautical Laboratory, circa 1955. Added cockpit detail,
great finish. Displayed on "concrete apron" atop wood base. Ask for
digital pix! $35.00
SuperScale -- $3.50 each
72-444 HH-53 6594 Test Group, HM-16, 601TCW
72-396 SH-2F
72-215 F-15A/C/D Mod Eagles
72-378 F-15A/B/C
72-201 Marine RF-4C Phantoms
72-296 F-14A: VF-24, -51, -111
72-414 SH-3D/-3G
72-211 TA-4J/-4F Skyhawks
72-580 F-16: Kansas, Montana, Texas ANG, 52 TFW
72-313 A-10 Early/Low-viz
72-569 F4D Skyrays: VF-13, -23, -74
72-339 RF-84F Thunderflash
Leading Edge MiG-29 Ukraine demo team. RARE! 8.00
Repliscale F-15A: 21TFW Alaska. $3.00
TwoBobs 72-007 A-10A Compass Ghost Tank Plinkers. OOP! 7.50
Cutting Edge 72-177 Painted BONEs. $6.50
Scalemaster EA-6B VAQ-13. $2.00
Begemot MiG-31 5.00
Photoetched Detail Sets
72-029 MiG-29 UB. OOP! $6.00 (2 available)
Tom's Modelworks
1/700 Tarawa/Saipan (assault carriers) Super Set. $13.00
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