Modern combat aircraft loadouts

Hi all! I've began posting some a/c loadout charts over at to
help modelers choose a workable loadout for their display models. I've got
the first chart posted and it's for the A-10A. Anyone interested, please
drop in and check out the chart. Feel free to email comments and suggestions
to me to improve the formatting and data displayed. I plan to post a ton of
these charts for various aircraft over the next few months.
The charts can be accessed by clicking the "Reference Material" link in the
main menu and going from there...
Enjoy and thanks for popping in!
mmays (AT) scalejets (DOT) net
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Very useful and informative, Mark. Thanks for making the info easily available! Added to my bookmarks.
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Al Superczynski
Thanks! This is the best way I could think of to document the research I do for the model jets I build (or "plan" to build)...!! Feel free to email me regarding any errors you find or if you've seen a "real" loadout that's not shown. Loadout info is currently taken from photos of the real jets or from pilots/crews/industry pros I am in contact with...
______________________ Marv mmays (AT) scalejets (DOT) net
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