Airfix 1/24" WWII kits?

The shop near me just got a whole bunch of new Airfix 1/24" Spitfires, ME-109E's, and Mustangs. They want $50.00 for each one. I know nothing about these Airfix kits. Are they any good as compared with the new Trumpeters for example? jim

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jimbol51 a pensé très fort :

Well Trumpeter isn't a good reference (for the 'Stang wich is really bad for example, I don't know the others). The Airfix kits are good, but need some work to make them more fine.

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Flying Frog

I built the whole series 20 to 25 years ago. Cockpit details consisted of left and right side panel, chair, instrument panel, control column. No wheel wells, just empty holes in the wing. Rivets the way they liked them in the 70's: huge.

The average modern 1/48 and 1/72 kits are more accurate. Unless Airfix has changed their moulds I wouldn't bother.

Greet> The shop near me just got a whole bunch of new Airfix 1/24" Spitfires,

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Le 03/01/2007, Aap a supposé :

Hi Axel,

I think you can't write "more accurate" but "more fine and modern"... For the Airfix kits, sizes are perfect, and it isn't always the case with some other brands... and detailing with scratch built parts isn't very hard with large scale models no? ;-)

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