Just got some kits....

Hi Everyone, I want to ask some things that I might want to get if they are available...


I got a 1/35 scale Mil Mi-24 Hind E from the Trump and I hope there is out there a pilot and gunner for it...

I also got the 1/24 A6M2 Trumpeter kit and looking for a pilot that is either standing or seated.

I got a Bf-109 G4 Late version in 1/24 scale and I was wondering I could get a pilot standing or seated. I am making Hartmann's bird...

If they make any of these, please let me know....


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William L. Powell
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My address is snipped-for-privacy@gulftel.com

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William L. Powell

Hi William,

Legend do a couple of Luftwaffe pilots in 1/24

LF2401 1/24th Luftwaffe BF109 Pilot No 1 LF2402 1/24th Luftwaffe BF109 Pilot No 2 LF2403 1/24th Luftwaffe BF109 Pilot & mechanic =20

Don't know of a US supplier but we stock them in the UK. I think the = pilots are all seated, I'd have to check when I'm next in unit. = Alternatively email Ian on the email addy below

HTH Andy Moredun Models http:// snipped-for-privacy@btconnect.com

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Andy Macrae

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