I just got a P & H welder and want advice

Hi all, I'm Dave and I'm new to the group. Anyway I just got this welder, it is a P & H 240/v ac/dc 380 amp (I think), but I already have a smaller

240v/250 amp arc welder. I want to keep one but want to keep only the better of the two. One note I would like to make here is that I am not a welder but did some welding in colleger 25 years ago and plan to practice welding again just for small projects like my truck repairs and so forth. A P & H welder like the one that I have got can be seen at
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it is the yellow one in the middle.

ty for any info... Dave

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P&H Machines are really old and completely unsupported for parts. Be very careful. I got one a few years back from a friend, and the first time I really pushed it on some aluminum, it blew it's reactance coil.

The insulation on those old transformer wires can break down pretty fast.

A friend of mine who fixes welders said to dump a can of wire varnish into the transformer on machines that old. He said give it a week to saturate down into it and dry.

Just a thought.

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Ernie Leimkuhler

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