"Clarke" branded MIG welder , a <?>


I'm normally just a 'lurker' ... learning a bit .

Does anyone have a comment on the following MIG welder ???

. Clarke® 130EN 110 Volt 130 Amp (No Gas or Gas) Welder

To be used as a lite duty, hobby welder ...

Your comment is appreciated. Ed

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Ed, I bought one of these this year and really like it. I am a totally novice welder but have made some good welds with this unit. One of these days I want to buy the bottle of gas but have been using the flux cored wire with decent results. The feeder wheels are metal, not plastic which is usually seen on the better welders (so I hear). If you are like me and just want to play or make basic welding repairs, it should be fine for you.


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Many thanks for the reply ...

My main concerns were ; . a) the power pinch_wheel feed unit ... trouble free ??? . cant imagine "plastic" feed rolls ... . hardened steel for sure ; . b) the wire_feed 'liner' ............. also trouble free ???

Already have the regulator/co_2 tank(full)/fancy helmut ... :-)

I'll have to contact young son, ask him about what 'spares' to also obtain ... torch tips, contact nozzels, liners(??) , et al. A nozzel reamer for sure .

Have used his CO_2 shielded Miller 120A(?) 110vac MIG ... but, I "volumteer" =him= for the critical stuff . Did try the flux core wire on his MIG ... but =do= like the ease, & cleanlyness, of the CO_2 shield , seems to weld more better_er and more faster_er.


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