millermatic210 reccomended chart -way off

has any of you guys that use a MM210 find that the reccomended heat/
wire speed settings printed inside the door are way off?
for mild steel, it seems way to low,
example: fillet weld , 1/4 inch steel plate .035" solid wire , C25 ,
25Cfh gas flow , clean metal , new M25 calls for heat 4/48
wire speed. gives way to cold weld, I am running more like 6/ 65
the opposite on stainless. 1/8 " 304 plate using
trimix gas 308L wire .030
calls for 5/70 setting ...thats crazy.... way too hot.
I run more like 2 /35
also at the end of the weld bead releaseing the trigger and the wire
stays glued to the metal piece , it should burn back......
is there something wrong with this thing or sound pretty normal ?
PS: shop voltage is right on the money 235V, #8 cord aprx 25'long
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I find Miller's chart to be consistenetly about 5% - 10% high on wire speed on our Millermatic 250X's. I just tell my students to compensate.
The trick with stainless is that the voltage needs to be higher than for comparable steel because the wire is a really bad conductor. Also you need an extremely short wire stickout.
That is wrong. There should be a burnback adjustment on that machine. Check your manual. If you can't find it just download the PDF version from Miller.
I can't diagnose it with seeing you weld.
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Ernie Leimkuhler

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