Aluminum welding with the Lincoln SP125 Plus

I have been able to get good welds with the SP125 Plus machine running
.030 4043 wire. I was running beads on some 1/8 5052 plate for
practice. The difference between a good weld and a bad one is a tiny
difference in the voltage setting. It's easy to get too much
penetration. I've been running electrode positive like the book said.
I seem to remember reading that when welding thin steel sheet metal
running .023 wire, electrode NEGATIVE, can be used to help prevent
burn through. Can aluminum wire also be run this way in order to weld
thin (.062) material?
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Eric R Snow
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Eric - are you using the optional aluminum kit for your SP125? I want to try welding discarded sign plaques with my SP175. I think they're 4043. The problem is getting that heinous coating off.
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Oops - never mind - I read you have alu liner and looking to buy a gun & cable for steel.
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