Blade welding?

--There's a thread over at r.c.m. about the inadequacies of the HF bandsaw blade welder. Might there be a way to use it successfully with a better power source; i.e. Lincoln or Miller welder?

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Bandsaw welders are more compatible with spot welders. Very high amps and single digit volts.

I just TIG weld mine. Works every time.

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Ernie Leimkuhler

what rod and proceedure do you use to tig weld them I might give it a try thanks Ed

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Ed ke6bnl

0.024 308L filler rod Machine set for DCEN, 25 amps. 1/16" tungsten, ground to a needle sharp tip. #2 gas lens collet body with #8 gas cup.

The trick is to keep the heat away from the front and back edges of the blade. I use a welding jig that clamps both ends in alignment. There is a groove ground where the ends touch. The groove catches enough shielding gas that it back purges the weld seam.

The best filler rod I have used is ER80S-B2, but I have not found that in 0.024" wire yet, so I use it in 0.045" wire on the larger 1" bandsaw blades only.

TIG weld the joint using as little heat as possible to go all the way through the joint. After welding, carefully grind both sides of the seam to remove the excess weld bead. Then use a small propane torch to heat the weld area to a dark blue.

On larger blades I heat to a dull red, then cool, regrind then heat to a dark blue.

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Ernie Leimkuhler

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