Just got the Ship Kits that I ordered

I just got the Ships that I ordered from Squadron they got here on
friday which means it took less than a week for them to arrive. I
placed my order on Saturday just before Memorial Day. He said that
they would ship it on Tuesday that means it took only 4 Days for it to
get to me here for me in New York. That nice man with the Fed-Ex truck
came knocking on my door at 1:30 and handed me this Big Box from
Squadron. It was Filled those 1/400 scale I had sent for and i've been
combing over all the little parts ever since , playing with them and
test fitting them for hours.
I am very happy so far and pleased with what seems to be a lot of detail
for there seemingly Soooo Small Size. This is so much of a Mind Bender
with the Relative Size of things after building all of those Armor Kits.
After ten years of 1/35 scale 1/400 scale seems Soooo Hellishly Tiny.
The Heller ship (Maille Breze) a Cruiser (Large Destroyer) came with
these neat little plastic 3 rail railing & anchor chain. The Mirage
Ships (Orp Wicher and Orp Burza) didn't come with any railing at all and
no KewL looking anchor chain either. But it seems they have a bit more
Is there any plastic Railing out there for after market , or do you have
to go right into photo etch railing and if so what one is both=A0the
Best and Easiest to work with. How are they installed and is there Photo
Etch for the Tops of the Funnels as well.
Please understand that Cost is also one factor here for me as I have to
keep to a pretty tight budget here for my modeling.
I do hope you won't mind me asking this. But would any of you have some
any the Heller Plastic Railing that you might not be going to use or
some extra pieces of Photo Etch Railings from some sets that you may not
be going to use or anything else extra that you might not be needing
which I could experiment with and learn just how to instal on the Ships
that I got.
I'm going to do a Diorama in which most have suffered Heavy Damage so
there is going to be a Ton of Debris in the water around them & Deep
Cuts into the Hulls.
I do Hope I haven't done anything wrong by asking for and hoping for the
kindness of others here within the Group. If I have then I most humbly
do apologize and say that it was never my intent to do anything to fall
out of favor with the Fine Bunch of Folks here in the Group in any way.
Please believe me in my having said that.
Thanks Soooo very much for all the Help.
... Carl ..........
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Tom's models makes etched parts in 1/400 scale and Squadron carries them. In fact, there is a listing of some in the latest Squadron flyer which arrived yesterday.
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