Q on selling model kits

Hi Guys,i was wondering if anybody has ever tried to sell their excess
stuff(model kits & accessories) with an ad in their local newspaper? If
so,how did you do? Thanks,as always.Kelly
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Teresa Voyles
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I don't even get the paper anymore and if I did I wouldn't know where to look for them.
If your anywhere near an urban center post them here and craigs list if not your best bet would be ebay
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Jeff Barringer
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it is free and easy to use
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A lot of places now have weekly or bi-weekly papers like the one called ''pennysaver'' putting an ad in one of these might be a better move because lots of foks use those papers to buy and sell all kinds of items you don't usually find in the daily paper. Pick a couple of them up an see what things get listed :)
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cyberborg 4000
Several years ago I did just that with a bunch of HO 50 foot boxcars. With something like that it's best to sell in the Fall. I sold the whole bunch that time but I got lucky. The buyer was a mother looking to add to her son's layout. Did I make any profit? Not really, but I did move them out which was the goal.
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You might try asking at the local hobby stores if there is a local model group that meets. Or maybe the local hobby store might be interested in buying stuff, especially if it's out of production.
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