Selling model kits and die cast on eBay

My uncle recently passed away. He was an avid collector of model kits. Curious for some group insight on how best to sell these in an effort to get my aunt the best return. We have an offer from a shop owner and of course it's low.

Does cataloging make the most sense, or just put them up individually on eBay and see what the auctions bring. There are probably 4000 -

5000 kits. Some old, some more recent. Some he paid $60 - 80 retail. 50 / 50 cars / planes.

I have experience selling on eBay so that's the direction we're leaning now. Is there a good price guide? I have been doing a search on completed auctions on eBay to get informed.

Thanks in advance.

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Hub & Diane Plott

selling in lots of similar stuff works well. as does a kit with all the extras. i'll take the lindberg's.

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