Vinatge Fine Scale Miniatures Layout Photos on eBay & Cdn Wide Cab kit

If you have an interest in George Sellios' F&SM layout as featured in
the December Model Railroader - he offers the Fine Scale Miniatures
line of kits - check out my other auction for a set of 40 oirginal
colour prints taken of the layout in 1986 and 1987. This auction is
formatting link

Also I've come to the conclusion that I probably won't be using the HO
Canadian Prototype Replicas wide cab kits that I've accumulated, so
I've placed one on eBay:
formatting link

These one piece kits were considered the best available as they
included flush mounted windows with weatherstripping and other items to
complete the cab. They are intended for modeling CN wide cab
diesels in HO scale, using Athearn models - GP-38, GP-40, SD40-2s, etc.
There seem to be many rumors/stories floating around why they became
out of production, but whatever happened they haven't been around for
some time.
Please check my auctions if you are interested. They end Monday
November 13th.
Bob Boudreau
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