eBay: Original vintage photos of George Sellios' layout

I'm offering a set of 40 original color prints of George Sellions'
Franklin & South Manchester layout on eBay, ending Monday evening:
formatting link
Bidding starts at $19.95, or 50 cents a
George operates Fine Scale Miniatures, one of the greatest kit firms
around. I visited his layout on convention tours in 1986 and 1987 and
took these photos. Many show the layout in it's early stages, with
some benchwork still visible and many of his famous scenes too. There
is a photo of the group of photos on the auction site.
Bob Boudreau
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The description on the auction pages mentions that:
Photos are no longer allowed to be taken during the rare occasions that the FS&M is open to the public
Does anyone know why not?
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I'd hazard a guess that Mr Sellios wants to make all the money from his layout, rather than share it with others, such as Mr Boudreau.
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That's what I've heard on another forum. I look at it that my photos are an historical record of the F&SM layout early in its construction. George doesn't offer such photos so I don't see anything wrong with offering them to those who might be interested. He's not loosing out on my offering the photos.
Bob Boudreau
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Bob has proven to be an expert modeler as much of his work has been featured in the model press over the years. Sell some of your photos Bob.
-- Phil Anderson Up hill slow, down hill fast, tonnage first, safety last.
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Arizona Rock & Mineral Co.
I think the only equitable arrangement would be to split the proceeds with Mr. Sellios. After all, the photographer was invited to see the layout, not make a profit from it.
"Railfan" wrote in news: snipped-for-privacy@14g2000cws.googlegroups.com:
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Eh. I suppose you could say it was an invasion of privacy, but if the photos are just of the layout proper, then that's been shown many times
in the hobby press, so it's more-or-less public knowledge, at least to anybody interested in buying them. I question why anybody would be, if these are like most F&SM photos you see in the magazines, which tend to be straightforward layout-depiction photos, instead of the atmospheric ones that draw you into the modeled scene. I think I could quite easily see somebody buying photos in the latter category.
Cordially yours: Gerard P.
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