Vaughn Brothers VBX 24mm and VBX 29mm FA on eBay

Howdy, up for auction on eBay this week I have a combo auction for one
each Vaughn Brothers Extreme VBX 24mm and VBX 29mm rocket kits. They
will scream on the nonstandard Aerotech G125 or F101 motors. Auction
# 5909118406. Also have some very old Estes out of production kits
listed, Astron Omega, Astron Camroc Carrier, Mini-Brute Rogue,
Screamer, Astron Scout, LTV Scout, Sky Bolt, Sky Raider, more. Search
for seller "pkmpd" to find the auctions.
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P.K. Moore
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Hate to tell you (or anybody else) but you ain't flying a G125 in a VBX24 (it's a 29mm motor). In fact, no one's flying one in anything unless they have one in their inventory from two years ago or so (same for F101's).
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Also, the G125 has long since dropped off the certified motor list, so you're not flying one at an NAR/TRA/CAR launch either. Shame, they were fun motors. I think I've still got one left somewhere...
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Bob Kaplow

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