Help - What exactly is "Picking" -Out the Details-

Yes this is my ''Dumb Question'' #-145.

I hear and read this term a lot. But I am not really sure I understand just what it really means. When I do Instrument panels for Aircraft or Armour I use the smallest brush I can hold and very very carefully -Dot- the details I want. This along with Dry-Brushing- for wear and weathering as well until i'm all done.

But I don't know if this is anything like ''Picking''. Can you guys help me out a little here with this and maybe give me more ways to do the small detailing on things like that.

Thanks very much

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I can't keep the brush tip small enough, so for very fine detailing I use the end of a toothpick- those double ended round ones with the very sharp tips. I shake the bottle, and then dip the end of the pick in the very thin layer of paint that stays in the top of the bottle. This puts a miniscle amount of paint on the tip of the pick and I can get very fine dots or short lines.

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