Polar Lights Enterprise, NCC 1701 and 1701 A?

this link to the polar lights kit shows the TV version.

never knew that two versions were gonna be available.

anyone confirm? I want the TV version....


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The image on the Polar Lights page is wrong. The kit will build both the Refit 1701 and the 1701-A (but not the TOS version.).

That picture is acutally the PL 1/1000 scale TOS Enterprise. Oops.

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David Bono

Not the way I read the article, looks like they are going to make a 1/350 TV version. Damn, looks like I have to build a new room on the house for "Project Enterprise". Oh well one has to make sacrifices for one's hobby, he-he-he

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Kevin Smith

You are in about the same boat as some of us who build 1/350 ship models. Display space for 1/350 aircraft carriers like Lexington and Hornet can get large.

Bill shuey

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William H. Shuey

Now I can Build that 1/350 "Minicraft" BISMARCK kit , and use it for a size Compairson. I'll Just need to take my Son's room to do it that's all. ..... LOL

... Carl ..........

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