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Heya folks!
In a recent rant I mentioned how much the hobby really needs a
new tool version in 1/72 of the F-106 and F-102. Someone made
the comment that they didn't theink the kits were too bad, or at
least not as bad as I made them sound. Yeah, I know... In to-
days electronic age I COULD just find the post and put a link to
it here, but I'm lazy. :) I think the exact words were along the
lines of "what's wrong with them?"
Well, not ranting here, just being observational. I'm working on a
106 right now, using the 106B conversion to make the two seater,
and I've got a Deuce on the line up for the next kit. I'm able to
sit here and really go into just what's wrong with the kits. Please
note, I'm not slamming the person who asked the question, I'm
The Deuce:
-No evidence of the rockets in the missile doors
-Only the early falcons provided (yeah, slightly better ones are
in weapons ktis for $everal Dollar$
-No significant detail to the weapons bay
-No cockpit to speak of
-No control column
-Inaccurate seat
-Very little detail to gear bays and gear
-No styrene injection molded two-seat available (yeah, I've GOT
the RVHP two seater!)
-Only one wing version avail.
-Only one canopy version available
-Only one tail version available
-Only late 'coke-bottle' fueselage version available
-No IRST available for deployment ahead of windscreen
-Canopy only single peice, not two piece
-No inflight refueling probe provided
The Dart:
-Only two styles of Falcons provided
-No gun version provided
-No Genie provided
-No significant detail to weapons bay
-Cannot accurately build the kit with Falcons recessed
-No styrene injection molded two seat version available
-No cockpit detail provided (Heck, Hasegawa didn't even give you
a stinking instrument panel!)
-Inaccurate seat
-No Control sticks/yoke
-Super thick canopy only single piece, not two piece
-Only one canopy version available
-Very little detail to gear bays/landing gear
-No IRST provided
-Only one wing version available
-Inaccurate/missing antennaes
-No inflight refueling receptacle provided
Really folks, this just hits the tip of the iceberg on these birds.
A good modern kit would also likely include an engine and have
the ability to show the back of the aircraft off for engine repair.
It would probably also have a radar antennae included, there's
BAGS of room under that huge cone for either bird to have a
radar displayed with the cone off. And think of the possibilities
for decals. The aftermarket has only scratched the surface of
the ANG/USAF versions of the Deuce/Dart. Heck, the Deuce
served in Vietnam in ADC Grey and in SEA Camo. It also flew
for The Turks and Greeks (although not in combat against each
other). The Dart even has a SEA Camo in TO 1-1-4, granted
I would venture to say without contradiction that there never was
a Dart in Camo like that. :)
We really could use new birds in this scale. Monogram has
both the Deuce and Dart in their 1/48 scale line and it would
be quite simple to pantograph the kits down just like with the
F-4 Phantom kits. And the aftermarket guys would love us for
buying them! Besides, think of all the different versions you
could build of the 102 alone! Two different wings, two different
fueslages, two different tails, two different canopies... The mind
boggles! It would be _SO_ easy to set the molds up so that
you could provide the hobby with ALL of them!
Please, someone out there provide us with good kits, don' just
"Mach 2" us and say, "oh, there's this one crappy damned kit
of it that no one buys, we don't need to make one." The reason
that no one buys it is because it _IS_ crappy! We want a nice
new kit that isn't made from 60's technology with the inherent
approach to detail. I'm not asking for a $30 kit that falls together
out of the box. Just something that's more accurate and actu-
ally fits together with less problems than the ones we've got.
Thanks for your time... :)
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Drew Hill
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Hi. I was the one who asked what was wrong with those two kits.
I had taken a long hiatus from plastic model building. Now I remember why.
There is very little that is as frustrating as spending hard earned money on a model only to open the box and find out that the kit is full of inacuracies or is barely the shape of what the company purports it to be of. Maybe worse is opening a new kit from a different company and finging it is just a reissue of an inferior produvt from a different company.
I some times wonder how many modellers are permanently put off by these types of things. I know I am once again fast approaching it.
I have whittled my unbuilt model collection down to just a few kits I really like. The other 100+ kits will be getting sold.
Cheers from Peter
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I have no such qualms.Making such dogs look nice is part of modeling.I'd be happy to take 'em off your hands ;)
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For years we haven't had a decent F-105 or EE Lightning but we now have them (shortly in the case of the Lightning) from Trumpeter. Maybe Trumpeter will come up with a new mould F-102 and F-106. Oh... and while they're at it, how about a Scimitar, Swift, Buccaneer and Javelin? ;-)
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Enzo Matrix
Oh, Lord... I don't recall off the top of my head, it's been about three years or more since I bought it on ebay. It was in a 'triple conversion kit' vacuu-form with a Panther 2-seat and something else (C-1 Trader or something?). I wanna say that it was Air- Model, but it coulda been Squadron too. It's pretty far out of production and I picked it up on Ebayfor about $12 or so.
Hope this helps!
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Drew Hill
Believe it or not, they are being produced! I've seen them on Ebay a few times in the lastt two calendar years. I've never been all that worried about buying them for a variety of reasons. But they _DO_ show up on occaision! I seem to recall that they tend to debut at about $10 for the VERY small sheet of aircraft specific decals. You have to get all of the rest of the markings from the Hasegawa/etc. sheets.
Hope this helps!
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Drew Hill
Airmodel did a -106B conversion 'kit' along with an HC-130H and F-80C. They were very basic parts. The 'B' consisted of a canopy and you had to do all the recontouring necessary. The HC-130H parts were the large radome and the nosepiece. The F-80C consisted of a canopy and suggestions where to cut a T-33 kit to shorten it. Anybody need F-106 parts from a failed conversion? ;)
Bill Banaszak, MFE Sr.
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The F-106B was tandem seating, wasn't it? The TF-102 was side-by-side, which always seemed odd for something you wanted to crack the sound barrier, although who knows? It's a interesting way to address the area rule problem of the overall design from the front end, sort of like Dagmars ahead of the wing, as well as back near the engine exhaust. IIRC, speed of the TF-102 wasn't that much lower than the stock F-102.
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Pat Flannery
Check out
formatting link
I was browsing thru yesterday looking for something else and saw F-102 markings for his unit during the time he was in it, but I don't recall who the mfr was. i'm sure you'll enjoy just browsing this site, a good one IMHO. No financial connection, etc, etc...
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Don McIntyre
Back in the day, a conversion was made for the -106 by Airmodel, the vacuumformers. I did a bunch of their conversions, as well as the full kits and they were nice and not too difficult to do. Results were nice as well.
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The Old Man
Yes, 106B was fore-and-aft seating. The long canopy always seemed to me like someone had kitbashed it together.
Picture of a California ANG F-106B:
formatting link
Managed to get a few flights in 106Bs many years ago. The systems were quite different than what I was used to, and the high pressure oxygen was a serious pain.
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Mike Williamson
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Send me your snail-mail addy and I'll see how much it's cost to send them to you. They are partly built with the wings on the fuselage. The canopyies are NOT glued on nor are the gear doors or weapon bay doors either.
Mention the F-102 & F-106 in the subject line of the email you send me.
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Bare Metal Foil did a resin conversion in 1/72 for the 2 seater 106 based on the Hasegawa kit. This is how I plan on doing my next two seater Dart. I used the Falcon vacuform set for my first conversion and it did come out decent. Have fun modeling! Mike
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Mike J. Idacavage

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