hasegawa f-1

Does anyone know how many mouldings of this kit they have out? is there only
one (older) moulding, or perhaps a newer one as well? I'm a little confused
by the significant difference in prices of various boxes :)
Also details on the kit would be welcome (raised vs recessed panel lines
etc), as I haven't been able to find a review.
thanx in advance :)
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You're talking about the 1/72 JASDF F-1 fighter, right? I have only seen one set of moldings for this kit. The range of prices is probably due to the availability of 'special' boxings with non-standard decals. The only difference in the plastic is with the 'One-piece Canopy' version, which has, naturally, a one-piece canopy molding. The kit itself is standard early-to-mid eighties Hasegawa, with fine raised panel lines, pretty nice exhausts, blanked-off intakes (about 1/2 inch inside the intake), and adequate cockpit and landing gear detail. The T-2 kit is, of course, very similar.
"Tvrtko" wrote:
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David Graf
Thank you very much. Now I know which one (two, three...) to get :)
Cheers, Tvrtko
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