Whats the Best harrier?

wonder if someone can answer this question for me. I would like to build one
1/48th or larger. I am not worried about what harrier the kit represents
although I have a desire to build a Falklands era one. I might have to get
aftermarket decals for this so some indication of a set to buy would also be
I have read that the new Hasegawa kit is a goodun. However there are
apparently some dodgy mould lines, such as on the canopy! This is bad news
for me as I have zero experience in sanding/polishing clear plastic :(
The other immediately obvious kit to me is the Tamiya Sea Harrier. However I
read that it has raised panel lines. A big no, no in general but I fear I
was confused when I read a review of a monogram kit...
This kit is said to have "correct" raised panel lines in the review I went
through. This monogram kit looked fabulous in the modellers photos though!
The reviewer pointed out that the onlu problem he had with the kit was the
undetailed cockpit. I have seen a Black Box cockpit set which should help
that problem.
From what I have read so far the Monogram kit seems the best bet but I am
cautious of this as I believe Monogram is now Revell? Tell me if I am wrong.
My experience of Revell was not good, I got a 1/72nd F-15 Strike Eagle and
bits just didn't fit. Maybe it is me though so I have kept the kit just in
case. Since then I have stayed away from Revell even though a lot of people
seem to buy their kits and there are a lot of good subjects on the shelves,
cheap too!
Forgive any ramblings, I'm a little tired and will be off to my model shop
in the morning. Check back before then to see if anyone has answered my call
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Airfix Sea Harrier in 1/48 is very good. It even includes decals for a Falklands Island War Harrier. Rob Gronovius Modern US armor at
formatting link
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Rob Gronovius
For a Falklands "Harrier" in 1/48 there is the Airfix Sea Harrier FRS.1 and Harrier GR.3, both of which contain decals for Falklands aircraft. In 1/24 there is the giant Airfix Sea Harrier FRS.1 which also has Falklands decals.
The Tamiya "SHAR" (Sea Harrier FRS.1) was based on their very early Harrier GR.1/AV-8A from nearly 30 years ago, so it is not a "Tamiya" kit in the modern sense, plus their SHAR has shape issues around the nose. The Airfix SHAR is by far the more accurate, though the Tamiya kit can be used for spares.
Not sure which Monogram "Harrier" you are referring to - the (out of production) GR.1/AV-8A or the AV-8B Harrier II (which is a completely different aeroplane)?
"Harrier" can mean any one of a number of versions!
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Thankyou for both of your replies.
Looks like a 1/48th Airfix kit or two for me then! £9.99 each is a nice price, I don't think I can afford the £68.99 for the 1/24th kit though :)
Regarding the Monogram Harrier - I can't find the review now!! I swear it was there last night, its so frustrating as the model displayed was absolutely awesome! It is probably OOP now as you say.
Right with this intelligence I am armed to go visit my model shop :)
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go for the 24th, can be found for 20-25 quid.
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Well I was talked out of the Airfix kits by some other customers and the assistant in the shop. I went for the new Hasegawa kit in the end. Please don't take this as me not following the recommendation of the people on here but more of a "I looked at both kits and preferred the one I bought".
The Hasegawa kit is a beauty and I am told the dodgy seam-line on the canopy can easily be buffed out. The assistant in the shop has just completed his and told me to come see him if I have trouble with it. Hasegawa are going to be making several verients of this kit in the future so I will keep my eyes on how that progresses.
Thanks to all the advisors on here though and I may just save my pennies for the 1/24th kit at a later date. I'd like to know where you have seen the 1/24th Airfix kit for £20-30, sounds a complete bargain and I would like to snap one up if you can give me a contact.
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Not to sound too cynical, but is it surprising that the shop assistant recommends a kit twice the price?
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Toni Lassila
:) Well that is a bit cynical but was an expected response as I hardly told all the details of my shopping trip. I got a good discount (which is usual) bringing the price from £17 to nearer £13 so only £3 for what looked like a much nicer kit, sold. I'm usually an armour purchaser so to get one of the air fans in the store to sell me a plane was a rarity.
The armour guy gave me some stick though!
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pop up on ebay, i got mine from the telford show a couple of years abck for £10, in the UK its hard to find bargains, oh i lied, i got the GR3 kit, but i have both resin sets to do a FRS1 and FA2, started work a couple of years but got halfway........just like most of my kits.
"T> > > >
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Thanks, will take a look - I'm usually on ebay looking for motorcycle bits but always forget that people sell kits on there too! :)
I'll hopefully be at the Milton Keynes show tomorrow so will have a good look around for bargains, fingers crossed for a the 1/24th kit.
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On 31/1/04 10:26 am, in article upLSb.155$ snipped-for-privacy@newsfep2-gui.server.ntli.net, "T> Thankyou for both of your replies.
Head for your local Woolworths: ours has the 1/24th GR.3 for £24.99!
Bestest, M.
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Matt Bacon
Straight up? Wow! I've never even seen a kit in my Woolworths. This model is £53 in my local shop.
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the guy who says woolies has it for 25 take it, needs a lot of work, as its quite old origonal tooling but you will have fun with it, only reason i havent finneshed mine is im on meds that knock me out and give me no will to do things, if you do get the GR3, i have a long OOP resin set, about 20 quid but you can have it for a fiver, airfic cockpit is bare and poor, but got a resin seat and few bits.
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Thankyou for the offer. I'll see if I can get the kit for a bargain.
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