Revell F-105D

Does anyone know if Revell Monogram's 1/48 F-105D (kit #5840) is the old
Monogram offering? The only reviews I can find say the old Monogram kit has
serious shape and proportion problems. Do you agree? Maybe I should wait to
see if another manufacturuer decides to do a 1/48 Thud. TIA
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Nick Milham
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I've never heard of big problems with the Monogram 1/48 F-105D kit. The shape of the nose radome is off a little, but nothing serious or major. Where are these reviews that say the Monogram kit is so fatally flawed?
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Dave Williams
Roger Jackson's review over on Modeling Madness is the only bad review I've seen. He describes it as the worst kit he's ever built.
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Kevin Seniuk
I have both the Monogram (bought 20 years ago) and the Revell F-105D in my stash. Apart from the boxing and the decal, they're identical as far as I can see. Raised panel lines, but nice detail throughout.
Black Box has a nice cockpit set, and metal replacement undercarriage set can be bought from Areoclub, item ABV 153.
As I haven't had the oportunity to build them yet, I cannot comment on fit or accuracy.
Cave putorem
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It was Jackson's review I read. He talks about nose shape, wing chord and length being off as well as the anhedral.
Nick Milham
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Nick Milham
Well, first question for Mr. Jackson is what were the references he based his criticism on?? There are some people out there who are in the business of making very pretty drawings but what they don't know, they guess at. If you haven't got the manufacturers references handy, you are guessing. ex.: I approach anything by Richard Carauna with great care.
Bill Shuey (who once upon a time made his living as a draftsmen)
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William H. Shuey

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