Revell 1/48 F/A-18E Super Hornet

We take a look at the new Super Hornet from Revell on Cybermodeler Online
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Michael Benolkin
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I certainly hope this kit has little or nothing in common with the Italleri one except the subject...
I can see from the sprues that the intake trunk parts (and engine faces), while better done than the Italleri ones, still look a bit undersized...but just a bit. Looks like they did thier homework on the landing gear. Note that the JDAM are BLU-109 variants...a welcome difference, though the noses look a little off to me. The fuel tank also looks a bit odd.
Woould hve been nice if they'd included parts for an AAS-46 TFLIR, as well as the new ECS heat exchanger exhausts...but I guess it's a step up. I'd prefer to wait for the F...but I'm curious...
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