Backbround check on a "YH" ship kit?

Linked below is an Ebay listing for a "1/83 17th Century Sailing Ship" manufactured by "YH". Any comments on this particular kit, or "YH" in general? I queried the seller but haven't heard back, & googling this group & elsewhere has turned up nothing. Based upon the image on Ebay I like the subject, but wonder whether the kit's excellent a la Heller, or sub-Pyro & toylike, etc. Thanks for any replies! BTW the same seller lists a 1/350 USS Ohio also by YH.

Seller's description of kit: "1/83rd scale model of a 17th Century sailing ship as produced by YH. The kit is molded in a dark brown, black and white plastic being made up of over 165 pieces which are all still attached to the sprues. Special features of the kit include a highly detailedc hull, main deckm masts as well as the sails."

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Can't really tell from the picture, but it ~looks~ similar in scope to one that Heller produced called "The Conquistador". I'd be interested in finding out more about it myself.

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Old Timer

The trouble with Heller is that their later stuff is "Royal Louis" or "Victory" quality and their early stuff is early Aurora quality. This thing looks early.

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