I need a good book on how to build plastic models.

I have a 1:350 Bismarck plastic that I want to build correctly (not
like I did when I built models as a kid and slopped glue all over, had
brush marks in the paint, etc., etc.) What is a good book that would
tell me what I need to know: how to sand off sprue marks, how and what
filler to use, how *not* to get brush lines in the paint finish - all
that good stuff.
A *comprehensive*, printable website might be okay.
Has anyone else built the Tamiya 1:350 that has any words of wisdom for
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Mike Speed
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Greg, try here;
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Mike G.
Ok, I tried the link myself and it didn't go. So; Go to
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pick books from the categories, put in "How to build models" in the search. There are many books there, and not bad on price either. Should find what you need. Mike G.
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Mike G.
These are the 4 that deal with ship models. The first will most likely be exactly what you are looking for as it pertains to modern ships, 2nd is both modern and old tall ships, 3rd is tall ships and 4th is wooden tall ships. Just about anything by Kalmbach Books, be they cars, aircraft, dioramas etc will have lots of good beginner tips. When I build my 1:350 Tamaya USS Enterprise kit (the carrier) I'll be reading this real close again.
General modelling books for ships:
- Building & Detailing Scale Model Ships (softside 8.5'x11") 111 pages by Mike Ashey - Kalmbach Books ($18.95) EXCELLENT BOOK!!!!!!!!!
- How to Build Plastic Ship Models by Les Wilkins - Kalmbach Books ($8.95)
- How to Build Ship Models (a beginners guide) by A. Richard Mansir - Moonraker publication
- How to build First-Rate Ship Models from Kits By Ben Lankford - Model Expo ($14.99)
HTH, John
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John DeBoo
You might also want to checkout the Bismarck & Tirpitz website at:
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It is an excellant site with loads of information, discussion forums, color schemes, and photos of Bismarck models...
Also checkout:
formatting link
is also an excellant site with loads of information, discussion forums, color schemes, and photos oft Bismarck models...
Fargo, ND
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Great information - thanks very much.
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Mike Speed
Hi Greg,
First of, welcome back to the hobby!!
And seeing as others have mentioned suitable reference books and websites, I would suggest you get a couple of ship kits in the 1/700 scale to gain some practise in cursing in cutting yourself rather than the part no.27 of the sprue and then losing said part to the carpet monster!
My preference at this scale is Hasegawa who make nice straighforward kits with fine detail.
As to painting & glue, well I tend to use liquid cement and apply with a fine brush and for painting large parts, an airbrush, with small details picked out using paint brushes and tooth picks.
There is also alt.binaries.models.scale where some people on here post their pcitures of finished projects or on their build process.
Let us know how you get on and if you have any queries just ask as I'm sure others will assist.
Cheers, Stephen.
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