Good evening to build models

Well, I see by all the advertising on TV that tonight Gena Davis and
Donald Sutherland (two of hollywierd's leftest and brightest) will start
conditioning us for the presidency of Hilliary Clinton. This will be a
good evening to go down in the workroom and build a model. I bet the
newspaper "critics" have been sitting up nights trying to outdo each
other in writing laudatory reviews for this one.
I'd rather have "Star Trek" back!
Bill Shuey
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William H. Shuey
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The only new show that gave me a chuckle was my name is Earl...or whatever it's called.(It wasn't THAT great) I'd take some real trek without B&B... I would think that sales of airplane and history domcumentaries on dvd would spike among us modelers after looking at this new season...
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Eyeball quipped:
Nothing would make me happier, frankly.
This seems like a good opportunity to remind everyone about our A3J/RA-5C Vigilante DVD, as well as our forthcoming FJ Fury disc, scheduled to begin shipping next week. See:
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Gosh, what sort of obscure project can I tackle next?
James ________________________ James Duffy
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Bill, you have discovered one of the reasons I came back to modeling after a 20 year break. TV is pure "Drek". Especially the above mentioned show. I will be parked in front of my 1/32 Academy Hornet tonight for sure.
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I think you hit on part of the DNC's plot to NOT carry the white house next term. When are the poor democrats going to learn that they need to field candidates that actually have a chance of winning before they can actually win. You have to give them an A for effort and maybe a B for mass delusion though.
Me personally, I hope Fred Thompson runs. The DNC would be hard pressed to find ANYONE that would stand a chance against him.
Meanwhile back at the ranch I too will be ignoring the mainstream media and working on a couple R/M F-18 E Super Hornets and watching re-runs of Law & Order.
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Jeff Barringer
Six more parts and some exhaust staining, and I am done with a 1/32 Hase. 109 G6.
Twenty plus decals, and nine more parts and weathering etc, and I am done with a Hase. 1/32 190 D9
Both of these will be done in the next two weeks max.
Fuselage glued together, cockpit base coated ready to start on, rudder, and elevators done and attached on a Tamiya 1/32 Zero.
CE cockpit 90% done, internals ready on a Tamiya 1/48 F4D (CE decals and stencils)
Fuesladge cut, CMK resin cockpit cut and fitted, interior parts mid sanding/grinding stage (same with PE belts) on a RM 1/58 Ju 52
Interior except for inst. panel dials, done and wings and fuselage half's test fitted and sanded on an 1/48 Academy Spitfire MK XIV
Cockpit pieces glues together, piss poor fitting PE part grinded down/glued in on an 1/48 Eduard Profi Pak Mirage III
Hull and superstructure fitted and glued, gun assembled, suspension removed from sprue on an Tamiya 1/35 Sturtiger.
Obviously I dont have time for that WW crap....
Only A Gentleman Can Insult Me And A True Gentleman Never Will
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Isn't every evening?
BTW, CBS News ran a story on the licensing issue. Whilst they based it on kids' building models, there were a couple of video examples of adults indulging. I find it good that we got some press and the Big Guys got black-eyed by refusing to show on camera.
Bill Banaszak, MFE
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Never mind her, what about President Walken?!
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Nick Pedley
"Al Superczynski" wrote in message
I wouldn't go that far, but it is a little surprising to see the issue has gained recognition in DC. It will be interesting to see how it plays out. It will probably end up with the DoD contractors gaining a tax break for every model plane licensed.
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Geez. Talk about corporate welfare... :(
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Al Superczynski
That Caitlin Wachs is a hell of an actor!how do you pronounce her last name?,what nati>
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There's always the 'Military Channel' on cable, an affiliate of the History Channel.
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I would have to pay my satellite service a bunch extra each month for that channel. Since quality of shows on History, Discovery, and especially TLC have really been going down hill, I am about to cancel my subscription entirely, and go back to broadcast tv only (which means I'll be reading and modeling a lot more :-) ).
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Don Stauffer
but after 3 months, you start the same rotation of the same shows.....gets boring.
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After that there are always the specialist DVDs! I've now added London Airport - 1960s/70s Heathrow, Classic Wings Vickers VC10, Ringway Vintage Manchester and HeavyLift Shorts Belfast to my collection.
If you can't afford a holiday this year then may I suggest any of the airliner cockpit filmed DVDs to help ? You can always line up some chairs in front of the tv and get someone to walk around offering drinks and food.
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Richard Brooks
Just make sure you pat down your guests first! ;)
Bill Banaszak, MFE Sr.
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Yes, I noticed that Charlie Sheen seems to have run Tom 'SuperEgo' Cruise off the gossip shows. Ho-hum.
Bill Banaszak, MFE Sr.
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My wife has been nagging me - how come you own a model shop and profess to be a modeller but never spend more than 5 minutes before you are back at the TV. Well no more. After 5 years of achieving 1,0,0,2,3 model completions, I have finished 4 so far this year and am 70% through a trumpeter SAM launcher and have the BR-52 loco up to chassis level. Oh, and I have the Karl Morser sitting there waiting to go on the back of the BR-52 - and a resin MunitionsSchlepper after that!
I now spend upwards of 2 hours a night (apart from the weekends when I have a bottle of wine - even then I get an hour in).
the reason for this - as you say - poor television, so I expanded my sattelite subscription only to find the Discovery Wings hasn't changed since about 3 years ago and the other channels are not much better.
Turn the thing off and get on with the real (well the model) world, says I David SBX Model Shop
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of Montex Masks to the world!
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I'm watching the History Channel at the moment. Secret Russian Aircraft of WWII. The Berezniak-Isaev BI-1 is the subject at the moment with lots of good footage and comments by Bill Gunston. Secret German Aircraft of WWII was on before that. Well researched with lots of footage that I have never seen. I love the computer generated scenes.
Just finished the G-29 (G-11) glider and today I'll finish the GAZ-AA truck to go with it. Watching this program is really tempting me to do some more obscure Russian stuff. Partially finished projects suffer the resulting neglect.
Oh cool! Now they are getting into a flying submarine project!!
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TV is pretty pants these days - only one decent broadcaster left.
Channel 4 is OK, except they keep putting big brother nonsence on.
C5 is OK since they delogoed
ITV is a total joke and national disgrace - they replaced their channel of cars (including WRC coverage), bikes including the TT, and 1970s good programmes (Professionals/Sweeny) with a tacky quiz channel.
We have a broadcaster now called shITV!
Even the music channels have gone pants since their launch.
Good job we have 7 BBC channels!
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