Group position on advertising?

Hi folks, I've just set up a website selling 1/43rd scale hand built
cars and in an attempt to avoid annoying people I thought I'd check
before posting any adverts.
So what's the position here?
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Rab Robertson
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Advertising is okay in this newsgroup as long as...
1) The ads are for model kits & related supplies.
2) You don't post ads too often, and especially don't flood the newsgroup with dozens of ads.
3) The subject line starts with "[AD]", "[FS]" (For Sale), "[FA]" (For Auction), "[AUCTION]", or "[EBAY]", as appropriate, followed by a brief description of what you're selling or advertising.
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Wayne C. Morris
I'm probably better not advertising on here then, I'm not actually selling kits etc, just built models.
Nah, I wouldn't do that anyway, nothing worse than a group with a low S/N ratio.
Right, gotcha. I don't think I'll bother you guys with adverts though, the vast majority of you seem to be into building models, not collecting built models. Thanks for the advice though.
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Rab Robertson
and phony testimonials get your crank bent, with prejudice.
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Post away. The suggestions are all valid.
I post information on my products and publications once in awhile, usually when there is something new.
Also do occasional disposal lists (such as the current one) when the piles get to big. Have only had one bad guy in years.
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This is Usenet, there are no rules and there isn't a moderator. As long as you follow all the rules of your own service provider, there shouldn't be a problem, except for all the whiners when you do post an advert.
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JC Hayes
As long as you start with [AD], I've got no prob. Jerry 47
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jerry 47

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