NASCAR models?

Hello all, I'm new to this group.

I try to build a few models once or twice a year as time is so precious and I'm extremely busy.

This year I've decided to build a scenario of two NASCAR race cars jockeying for position. I want to add a lot of detail to them including things like: worn tires, chipped paint, and blurred lettering on the tires--stuff like that... all rolling on a banked section of track ( treated black sandpaper, I suppose ).

The plastic kits that I've been able to find are those sold by Revell/Monogram. They're 1/24 scale which I suppose is an ideal scale to work with.

Does anyone else sell NASCAR plastic models? I see that there are few metal bodied ones but it seems that the car bodies are already finished.

Also, can you folks recommend some websites that give examples of car model craftsmanship? It's been a while since I've built a car model and I'd like to see some examples and read some tips before I start.



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