Large Models -plastic or otherwise

I like to build authentic looking models. the 1/35th scale by tamayi
etc. look like they were carved out of a bar of soap--only the soap
looks better. Are there any sources of large scale models -plastic
(not the large balsa airplanes) which are less than $100 but at least
look decent when completed? thanks in advance.
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Look at the vast nuber of styrene releases by "Evergreen". They take a bit of work (lots of cutting, shaping, cross-referencing against scale plans, etc); but once you paint them (they all come in white, as far as I know....).....the possibilities for a stunning model are endless.
Oh may take you three years to do each project, from beginning to end.....
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Greg Heilers takes me about that long when the parts are already made for me!
Mike (ODO)
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Mike (ODO)

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