Models I Want

These are the models I want:

I want Tamiya to make a model of the Royal Caribbean Mariner of The Seas cruise ship.

I want Tamiya to make a model of the old Apollo lunar orbiter and lander.

I want Tamiya to make a model of an Ohio class submarine that opens up and has a detailed inside.

I want Tamiya to make models of the old explorer space vehicles NASA sent out to explore the planets during the 60's, 70', and 80's.

That's all I want for now.

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Von Fourche
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Back around 1970 Tamiya did produce an Apollo Command/Service Module and Lunar Module in 1/70th(?) scale.


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The Collector

and i want those space models in a large scale. i'll build a freakin solar system for that!

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I want Revell to release 1/72 :

KW-2, IS-2, IS-3, ISU-152, SiG, Hetzer

and many more :))


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I hate 1/76 scale - I feel like all those 1/76 models are so close to "my" scale yet I can't use them. :( Probably 1/72 get the same feelings from 1/76'ers :)


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And of course I want them to rerelease Sherman and release other American WW2 tanks. I didn't get the Sherman they have now - it's one of 3 low quality 1/72 Revell models.


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How about a 1/700 Disney Magic/Wonder (exterior same ship with very few small detail differences)?

As mentoned n another RMS thread, how about a 1/72 NC-4 with parts to doo the entire series? Roden, maybe?


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"" wrote in news:

I want a 1/32nd Hawker Fury


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I know I am really in the minority here but I would like to see some of the old Renwal kits, like the visible Wasp and the auto chassis kits. I would also like to see the large scale Williams aircraft engines become available. I recently built the Visible Hemi. It was a fun build and a nice break from the normal stuff......

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Count DeMoney
1:350 Graf Zeppelin ( Nearly finished german WW2 aircraft carrier ) 1:350 Frederic the Great / Grossdeutschland ( H-39 follow-up for Bismarck & Tirpitz, but build only up to the waterline, roughly ) 1:350 Richelieu ( French Battleship WW2 ) 1:350 Andrea Doria ( Italian WW2 Battleship ) 1:350 King George 5 ( British WW2 Battleship ) 1:350 Prinz Eugen / Scharnhorst / Graf Spee 1:350 & 1:72 Walter submarine ( U21xx???? ) 1:350 & 1:72 Kursk

Oh... How about a 1:200 or 1:100 range of models of the above? =)

Darn - probably too expensive - but they would, regarding me, just need to make the hulls and the major superstructures - as I want to make RC-models of them.

Or is anyone of you knowing about a company where I could buy either a 1:200 or more interesting, a 1:100 scale model of those ships?

Currently I am investigating into making one from polish paperscale models - I think the Graf Zeppelin would rock in scale 1:100 - just needing small RC-planes then ( just kidding - but I would love an RC controlled carrier with rc airplanes on it - though, actually, something like a battleship with a floating plane would be a more safe and reliable solution regarding landing maneuvers of the airplanes... )

Furthermore I would love some manufacturer to make a model of the Horten Ho229 interceptor. I saw pictures of the original, and it rocks much more than F117 or B2 because it is really just the wing - no rudders on it, just small airbrakes on the wingtips for right/left steering...

Anyway - I fear it'll be a long and tough year to try at least to enlarge the 1:200 Graf Zeppelin papermodel to 1:100 scale and then start converting it into a really floating model. Smaller models like the S-100 class of fast attack vessels prooved to be viable - now I gotta try something bigger

- and exotic - else I'll have to cowardly cover behind all you experts ;)


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What about the Dragon Ho229A & B kits in 1/48th and the Revell version in

1/72nd? The former is nicely detailed and moulded, though fit is, well... typically Dragon. I've not seen the Revell kit out of it's box, but I believe it shares a lot with the larger Dragon model. Cheers, Bill.
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Bill Davies

In 1/32 scale:

P-61, B-25, Mig-23, Su-22. That'll do for a bit.

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In 1/48 scale I would like to see them do.

1.- B-47 (with conversion parts)

2.- B-36

3.- B-52 (with lots of conversion parts)

4.- BV - 222

5.- That really BIG Martin Flying Boat (with the gull wings & 4 engine I think)

6.- Boeing 747 (with conversion parts for the Cargo & the Troop carrier as well)

7.- C-119 Flying Box Car THIS ONE IS WAAAAY OVER DO

8.- XYB - 35 Flying Wing -- PROP -- (with Engine conversion parts for Jets)

  1. - Sky Crane Helo (Lots of Options)

That about does it for me in 1/48. Don't want to get too greedy now do I. .. LOL

-- In 1/72 scale I would like to see --

ALL current USAF transport plane

C-5 & C-117 and the rest of them

MISC. Models I would LOVE to see them make a Model of the "Freighter" (Tramp-Steamer) from "King-Kong" dione in areound 1/144 or 1/200 scale

That would be a really nice subject :)

Well , I should stop now and take my meds again........... LOL

... Carl ..........

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cyberborg 4000

Whoo! Thanks! I knew about the Revell kitm, but it was .... puky. So small you hardly could make any use of it for , say, scaling it up for a real flying model. Dragon? I gotta try to find that one then - I don't bother about fit - I want to use it as a guide for a real flying model.

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That would be so cool I might even go on a cruise myself!

Imagine that at 36" long. Words alone can't express how much fun one like that would be. I can almost smell the coffee in the galley now.


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John DeBoo

Since everyone has a wish list here are a few 1/25th cars off my list:

1914 Mercer 1910 Buick Touring 1909 Stanley 1917 Chevrolet V8 1910 Hudson 1924 Chrysler 1928 Pontiac 1934 Reo Flying Cloud 1936 Dodge 1947 Dodge Sedan 1950 Studebaker Starliner 1952 Studebaker Starlight 1951 Hudson Hornet 1956 Packard Carribean 1958 Packard hardtop 1974 Dodge Polara 1980 Ford Thunderbird 1980 Dodge Mirada 1986 Dodge Diplomat 1990 Ford Crown Victoria

Yes, I know the Hudson was out once upon a time and some of these are available in resin but I'd prefer styrene.

Bill Banaszak, MFE Sr.

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Mad Modeller

You forgot one - 1954 Ford Skyliner (that be the glass top! - my cousin owned a real one and his friend had another in the 60's). A pic of a real one can be seen at

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Of course that could be expanded into the '55 & '56 Crown Vics with glasstops too. John

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John DeBoo

OK..........If we are going to go there, put me down for a 51 Frazer and a Frazer Darrin

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Count DeMoney

Jessie C wrote in news: snipped-for-privacy@nospam.invalid:

I think the B-747 is coming back. I read on the ScaleModelingNostalgia Yahoo group that Revell is rereleasing a number of the older kits, many of which have not been pressed in decades.

Al, do you have more info on this? Frank

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Mustapha, P

Revell is reportedly re-releasing the B-747 in the "see-through/cutaway" fuselage version; as well as a *new* (*new* tooling) 1/144th scale Constellation, and a re-release of the (proposed) Boeing SST.

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Greg Heilers

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