Cruise Ship Models

I really wish some of the big model companies would come out with some
models of the nice super sized cruise ships like the new Royal Caribbean
Freedom of The Seas. I have done the Queen Mary. I want to do some Royal
Caribbean ships! Any chance of Tamiya or some other decent model company
producing them?
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Von Fourche
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did you ask them? perhaps if you show some interest they may investigate the possibility.
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Does anyone know if the Disney Magic and/or the Disney Wonder (almost identcal shps on the outside) have ever been done? With the Disney Imagine in the works and a fourth ship in the idea stage, this would be a good time.
e wrote:
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I've been wondering the same thing. I wouldn't mind doing a couple of them myself in a large scale so there is lots of detail. Although I'd prefer to not have the added on pirates and their boat or one that lists 20 degrees to port when completed, or the food sickness thing. I'm rather surprised that the cruise companies themselves have not enlisted a modelling company for such an endeavor. John
V> I really wish some of the big model companies would come out with some
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John DeBoo
Silly question, who makes those fairly large scale cruise ship models found at some of the larger travel agencies? If one of those was obtainable, could it be the source of a reasonable accurization? Note, I've always felt the same way about the airliner models that they have there as well.
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The Old Man
Probably someone like this.
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