space stuff

tom or keeper..
how much early space stuff is there?
mercury, gemini, apollo?
i was remembering how cool it was during the 60's
and the sheer excitement.
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Well, there are a couple of models (injection) of the Saturn V, the biggest being the (IIRC) Monogram one, but Airfix and someone else have 1/144 scale ones. There is also the Monogram "Man in Space" set that has the Redstone, Atlas, Titan, Saturn 1 and Saturn V in 1/200 scale, there's the "All Systems Go" Atlas with Mercury capsule and launch complex, there's the Gemini (big scale, 1/32, I think), the Apollo CSM by a couple of manufacturers, some include LEM, and there's the LEM as a 1/48 kit with lunar surface. Many, if not all of these are probably out of production, but can be found on e-bay, or on the shelves of a good hobby shop - quite a few were re-released within the past decade. There are also resin versions of the Redstone and Atlas, and I think the Titan. Also resin capsules. If you want big, MPC is doing Captain Cardboards' huge Mercury capsule. Check out (they have a Real Space section) for sources. Kev
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The ESM 72 database for Rockets, Missiles and Spacecraft lists 439 kits and models. This includes experimental rocket aircraft and military hardware.
A search shows the following for the three that you entioned:
Airfix-Injection Molded Apollo LEM Estes-Cardboard/Vacuform/Injection Molded Apollo 1/70 Titan II with Gemini 1/73
K.R. Models-Cast Resin Mercury/Gemini
Part Time Models-Cast Resin Gemini Capsule Gemini B Capsule for MOL
Real Space Models-Cast Resin Apollo/Gemini/Mercury Apollo CSM Apollo Recovery Diorama Apollo Soyuz Atlas with Mercury Friendship 7 Gemini with Agena Docking Target Redstone with Mercury Titan II with Gemini
Tamiya-Injection Molded Apollo LCM 1/70 Apollo LEM 1/72 Apollo LCM/LEM 1/70
Your best bet is to get a copy of Creating Space by Mat Irvine and a subscription to ESM 72.
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if you see nay of that on shelves for reasonable money, say $25 per kit, could you grab. if they will hold and you want to ask me first, great. and i will gladly look for anything you wish. retail here is zero.
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both are unobyainium at the mo. but thanks as alwys for the list. you do know i archive this stuff?
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I'm almost sure this is a reissue, but Aoshima has just released an Apollo Command/Service Module and Lunar Module in (I think) 1/40 scale. Don't know too much about this kit but I recall reading something about the LM in Matt Irvine's "Creating Space: The Story of the Space Age Through Models" book and it seemed like a decent kit and it might be the largest commercially available injection molded Lunar Module kit.
To answer you question, there was quite a bit, mostly from Revell. Here's a list of the top of my head.
Mercury kits AMT: 1/200 Mercury Redstone 1/200 Mercury Atlas
Revell: 1/48 Mercury capsule 1/110(?) Mercury Redstone 1/110(?) Mercury Atlas
Gemini kits AMT: 1/200 Gemini Titan
Revell: 1/48 Gemini capsule 1/24 Gemini capsule 1/6 Gemini astronaut 1/12 Gemini astronaut
Aurora: 1/12 Gemini astronaut
Apollo kits AMT: 1/200 Saturn V 1/200 Saturn IB 1/200 Apollo spacecraft (CSM, LM, Adaptor)
Revell: 1/48 Apollo CSM 1/48 Apollo Spacecraft (CSM, LM, adaptor) 1/96 Apollo Spacecraft (CSM, LM) 1/96 Apollo Saturn V 1/6 Apollo Astronaut on the Moon
Monogram: 1/48 LM 1/32 CSM 1/144 Saturn V
Airfix: 1/144 Saturn IB 1/144 Saturn V
Tamiya: 1/70 LM 1/70 Apollo Spacecraft (CSM, LM)
And others...
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I saw on eBay that the good Japanese have some RealSpace from that period in varying scales. Enter the key words "Kaiyodo space" and you should find a couple.
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The Old Timer
snipped-for-privacy@aol.comnospam (Kevbo3) wrote in news:
Mercury 1/200 with Redstone and Atlas booster Part of Man in Space by AMT/Ertl
1/110 Mercury Redstone 1/110 Mercury Atlas Both by Revell with launch platforms
1/48 Revell Capsule only. kitted with the Gemini and also sometimes with the Apollo CSM, too You can use the Hawk Jupiter and modify it yourself or use the New Ware set to make a 1/48 Mercury Redstone.
1/12 Atomic City New injection plastic kit, reviews look good. Not out quite yet.
Gemini 1/200 with Titan booster Part of Man in Space by AMT/Ertl
1/48 Gemini Revell usually with the Mercury, sometimes includes Apollo CSM
1/24 Gemini Revell
Apollo 1/200 Saturn 1B and Saturn V Part of Man in Space by AMT/Ertl
1/144 Saturn V Monogram and Airfix 1/144 Saturn 1B Airfix
1/100 - 1/96 Heller CSM
1/96 Apollo CSM kitted with either a LEM or with a Soyuz. 1/96 Saturn V includes CSM and LEM
1/72 LEM Airfix
1/48 Monogram LEM 1/48 Revell LEM, CSM Third stage with shrouds. LEM sold alone or in combo with other kits
1/32 Apollo CSM Monogram
Vostok 1/24 Revell Capsule only 1/25 East German(?) origin knock off of Revell Capsule
1/144 Airfix Rocket and capsule
Shuttle 1/72 Monogram and Revell. These are different but beware the Mono has been packed in Revell boxes. Monogram one also available with boosters and fuel tanks. I thought there was a launch tower, too. There is good aftermarket for this.
1/100 Tamiya, shuttle only.
1/144 Revell, Airfix/MPC, Entex, Bandai, Academy/Minicraft. With and without boosters and tanks for all 3. Revell also makes a launch complex sold separately and with the shuttle. Bring money and lots of display space. Revell also sold with 747 as NASA Shuttle transporter Lots of good aftermarket. Cutting Edge makes some outstanding decals
1/200 Lindberg, Monogram Snap kits. Hasegawa and DML with boosters/tanks, crawler transporter. Probably the same kit.
1/288 With booster or with 747 trensport Academy/Minicraft
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even more info you didn't think you needed.
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Gray Ghost
i'm always amazed at the knowledge in this group. thanks frank. i looked at those little jap things, they're beautiful, but not really models.
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Not sure what "unobyainium" eans, but I publish ESM 72. E-mail me for subscription information.
Can also provide info on getting Creating Space as well.
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Not sure what "unobyainium" eans, but drop me a e-mail for ESM 72 subscription information. Can also supply information on Creating Space.
I don't mind archiving information, just be aware that I only work in 1/72 scale (and close to it). Creating Space covers all scales.
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typo-unobtainium. means out of my price range. you've sent me the info. i have to try to win one, tom. i am interested.
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i was both, the long haired science freak. never fit the straits, or the hippies. i bathed and worked, so the hippys didn't trust me. i had hair, so the straits didn't trust me. thank whatever the punk rock thing started in 75!
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