Spacecraft models recommendations

I would like to build a series of spacecraft models and would
appreciate any recommendations for makers/kits of the following:
Mercury Redstone
Gemini Titan
Saturn V
The space shuttle
Lunar module
Mercury capsule only
Gemini capsule only
Apollo capsule / command module only
I'm open as to what scale.
I've heard that Revell makes some of these kits but when I checked
their website all I could find was the space shuttle.
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Mercury Redstone: Revel had a kit of the Mercury and Gemini Capsules inn1/48th scale that was released from time to time. Original kit goes back to the 60s. Re-release as history makers, and other series.
Revell had a 1/92nd of the redstone with pioneer satellite plus workstand.
Revell also had an Atlas and launch stand that they re-released a junior astronauts version with the mercury capsule.
Revell had the Gemini Capsule mentioned above and a larger one - 1/24th if I remember right - raeally nice kit - again it was released multiple times and if memory serves was originall released in 1967.
1/96th just re-released by Revell. Squadron is sdvertising as pre-sell. Goes back to late 60s. The main stages are made of flat painted sections you form into cylinders. Main drawback is it has the Blcok I command and service Module with a Lunar Module in the SLA. You can buy several upgrades to this. I don't remember the manufacture's but a web serarch should find them. New main Engines with thermal wrap, Block II Command Module Update, Saturn V details.
Monogram Kit 1/72. Theres was also a launch tower released some years ago.
Originally Monogram - Tranquility Base - 1/48th again re-released from time to time by Revell
1/48 mentioned above and new really detailed 1/12th by Atomic City /MRC - should still be available - also detail kit from another manufacturer.
see above
Large Monogram kit - re-released by Revell. Had stick on detailed instrument panel and clear section - Good after market stuff - detailed hatch and raised detail instrument panel etc.
There's also some resin stuff out there - do a web search.
It would be reallly great if Revell re-released some of the space items again - especially those that never saw re-release like th XSL and manned space station kits from the 50s. From time to time someone starts a write in (email) campaign but it never amount to anything. With the new interest in going back to the moon and Mars one would hope renewed interest might make this happen.
Hope this helps,
Val Kraut
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Val Kraut
Line this guy:
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You can get every kit you want here plus many more.
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Jessie C
You remember correctly. I have the 1/24 kit waiting to be built. It consists of the re-entry capsule and the adapter section immediately behind/below it.
To clarify, each of the main stages consists of two injection molded end caps and a thin prepainted sheet of styrene. You curve the sheet into a tube, glue a detail piece along the seam to cover it and hold it together, then glue the caps onto the ends.
1/32 scale, Command and Service Modules, with clear panels on both for a cutaway interior view.
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Wayne C. Morris
There's a much better 1/48 scale CSM available from Realspace Models. Not only is it even more accurate than the 1/32 kit (which is fairly decent), it's in scale to the Monogram Lunar Module aka "First Lunar Landing" diorama kit.
BTW, there's also what looks to be an amazingly accurate and detailed 1/32 scale Lunar Module coming out in '07:
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Estes has a nice flying model in or around 1/35 scale. Looks good and can be had for about 25 dollars.
Realspace models
Revell's lousy 1/96 is being re-released as others have said. Try
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for tips on improving and/or scratchbuilding your own. Also there is a paper 1/96 Sat V available on the web for free that could be used as a basis for a scratchbuilt Saturn.
Aifix ( 1/144 stack), Revell ( 1/144 full stack and orbiter only), Minicraft(1/144 full stack), Monogram ( 1/72 Orbiter and 1/72 full stack), Tamiya (1/100 Orbiter), Hasegawa and Lindberg make them 1/200 scale.
AMT's Man in Space Collection was made in the mid 90's and had all manned US boosters until the shuttle in a constant 1/200 scale. For about 50 bills, a Hasegawa full stack shuttle and some aftermarket decals from TangoPapa Decals, you'll a very impressive display. I've got such a set up on my desk at work and it gets alot of comments.
AIrfix 1/72 and Monogram 1/48
Revell 1/48
Revell 1/48 and 1/24 as others have said
IPI toys makes a very accurate Apollo and LEm which actually scales out to 1/48. A little detail work and paint would give a very nice inflight Apollo.
check out http:
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lots o' real space info there
Hope this helps,
Gene DiGennaro Baltimore, Md
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There are also paper models. Try
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They have Mercury and Gemini capsules.
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Thanks, everyone, for all the replies. I'm going to check into each suggestion.
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First, I'll agree 200% with Jessie C.
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has a fantastic selection in various scales. Another excellent site is New Ware
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By scale (if you prefer a constant scale):
1/144 scale: RealSpaceModels (RSM) offers the Mercury Redstone and Gemini Titan. New Ware offers the Mercury Redstone.
Revellogram has released a Shuttle-only model as well as a Shuttle with external tanks. Both are fairly inexpensive on eBay, The 1/144 Shuttle with tanks -even at 1/144- is a healthy puppy; just the external tank is 12.5" long. :)
You can find the Revellogram Saturn V for not too much; in fact one just went on sale starting at $9.95, with $15 shipping. If you like, I'll email you the link, or post it here. Airfix offers a kit also.
The only 1/144 lunar module I've seen comes with the Revellogram kit.
1/72 scale: Again, RSM offers the Mercury Redstone and Gemini Titan. The only near scale for the Saturn V would be the Revell of Germany 1/96 mentioned by a couple of others.
More Revellogram Shuttles in this scale, although the Shuttle with external tanks is pretty rare, and usually goes for over $80 on eBay when you do find it. Not to mention it's freaking HUGE. Considering the size of the 1/144 tanks (2x12.5' = 25") and how the stack is contructed, we're probably looking at least 30", from SRB bottom to ET top. Yikes.
Airfix makes (or used to) a nice 1/72 Lunar Module. Have a couple on the shelf over here.
1/48 scale Garage company ATTIC makes kits for both the Mercury Redstone and the Gemini Titan. Just google them. The Gemini Titan is a full kit, and seems to sell for around $100 each, The Mercury Redstone requires a Glencoe Jupiter C and a Revellogram Mercury capsule.
New Ware also offers a mod kit which requires the Glencoe Jupiter C and Revell/Monogram Mercury.
Again, by scale: 1/72 scale It should be no surprise that RSM offers these as well. In fact, it's a single package which includes all three! The Gemini includes the booster adapter and the Mercury includes the launch escape tower. Currently going for $60 + shipping.
1/96 Revell released an Apollo/Soyuz kit. RSM offers a complete 1/96 CSM replacement for the Revell of Germany Saturn V which is much better.
1/48 scale The Revellogram Mercury and Gemini combo shows up neary every week on eBay, and maybe once a month for some version of the "Apollo Lunar Spacecraft." This included the CSM, Lunar Module, and the S-IVb bay which housed the LM. Considering the going price of this puppy, you'd probably be better off with the newer RSM offering. While this is "only" the CSM, the detail and accuracy are outstanding. The RSM CSM (heh) currently runs $75 + shipping.
1/32 Monogram CSM. Beautiful model (believe it or not, I have four in the closet) and they show up frequently on eBay. Interior of the command module is very sparse, as the instrument panels are all flat surfaces covered with cheesy decals; the only weak point of this kit. But RSM and New Ware have excellent upgrades for this. I think someone already mentioned, both the command and service modules include clear panels,
1/24 scale The now-classic Revell Gemini.
1/12 scale Atomic City Mercury capsule with full launch tower and retro-pack. My local Hobby Lobby has this on the shelf for about $60.
Please note that all Revellogram Apollo capsules (except the 1/32 CSM) seem to be Block 1, not Block 2 versions. RSM comes to the rescue with accurate replacements. for the 1/144 and 1/96 (again, the 1/96 would make an acceptable stand-alone model) Saturn V.
Both the 1/48 and 1/24 Gemini display certain inaccuracies as they were designed from an older "boilerplate" mockup. Both RSM and New Ware offer accurizing kits.
Just about all the Revell/Monogram stuff shows up on eBay nearly every week. The exceptions would be the 1/72 Shuttle with external tank and boosters, and the 1/48 Apollo craft.
I have two of the 1/144 Saturn V's, and the CSM is pretty cheesy. Not only is it Block 1, it's not even in scale. The above-mentioned RSM accurate part is only $25, and very necessary for this kit.
Depending on your more specific goals, you go very far with just the 1/72 stuff, but then I tend to prefer constant scale within a collection when I can.
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Casey Tompkins
Thanks for all the info Casey.
I am interested in doing perhaps one set of the models in the same scale to show the relative sizes, such as the 1/144 scale you mentioned. For the smaller vehicles, I'll probably do one larger scale as well.
By the way, what sparked my interest to finally move forward with this plan (which I've had for years now) is an excellent science fiction book I just finished titled "Titan" by Stephen Baxter. Stephen Baxter is an excellent "hard" science fiction author - an aerospace engineer, I believe. This book is about a manned mission to Saturn's moon, Titan, taking place in the 2010 timeframe. What I really interested most in the story was how they utilized existing space shuttle technology and actually revived components from the Apollo moon launches. In that respect it was both very nostalgic in one sense, and yet a bit sad as well. I highly recommend it to any enthusiasts of the space program, especially Apollo/Saturn.
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Apologies for not following up sooner, somewildmonkey.
If you've followed the links (for those who haven't), you'll find that both RealSpaceModels and New Ware offer a tremendous variety of 1/144 boosters. If you like, you can add the Little Joe, Mercury Redstone, Saturn 1, and Saturn 1b to the list, as well as most of the Soviet stuff, including the legendary Soviet N-1 "moon rocket."
I should add here that AMT/Ertl had a "Man In Space rocket collection" kit (1/200) which includes the Mercury Redstone, Mercury Atlas, Gemini Titan, and Saturns 1b and V; all on a single base. The Saturn V is roughly 20" tall, while the Mercury Redstone is about 4" tall with escape tower. The latter is a single (very small) solid piece at this scale. The S-11 interstage for the Saturn V, alas, has the same blasted 8 ullage rockets as does every other mainstream model, and they're molded in place, here.
Oddly enough, I've opened two of these kits (third on the shelf, MSIB), and both included "double" parts for the S-IVb, including the base of the LEM housing at the top of the S-IVb, the LEM shroud, , the LEM (natch), CSM, and launch escape tower. Go figure.
Thanks for the heads-up on the Baxter work! I'll keep an eye out.
If you are interested in "reality based" kits, you might be interested in the stuff Sharkit puts out:
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've released a 1/72 NERVA engine kit as well as an H2 propellant tank. The latter looks like a double-length S-IVb to me. :) Apparently the kit is based on a 1972 Von Braun design.
Although they haven't released any kits (yet), Space Models Systems, Inc. bears watching
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Their first two prospective kits will be a 1/48 Chesley Bonestell-based moon lander, and a 1/144 Rick Sternbach "Solar System Explorer," based on "the truss structure concept of the International Space Station," to which are attached three nuclear thermal rocket engines. The company doesn't say so, but I suspect they're referring to NERVA-style engines as well. :)
Sigh. If I only had the money. And the time. And the *room*...
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Casey Tompkins wrote in :
ISTR one of these also contained the crawler (launch platform). Which one could it be?
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Harro de Jong
Just thought I'd add this since no one mentioned it yet.
Apogee Rockets manufactures 1/70 scale Saturn 1B and Saturn V kits. Although they can be flown, they are also detailed enough for static display. I saw the completed Saturn 1B kit at last months IPMS chapter meeting and it really looked good. The Boost Protective Cover on the Command Module even looked correct. The Saturn 1B kit also comes with H-1 engine bells for display. If you're interested in large scale Apollo Saturns, then you should really give these kits a look.
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The Collector
Of course if you like 'em big these are for you! Oh and the model posing with the model is quite pleasing to the eye too!
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