Anybody remember Part Time Models?

I used to run PTM, making resin model aircraft and spacecraft. I'm going
to be getting back to it. Anybody remember my stuff, and have
suggestions or complaints?
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Scott Lowther
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Will you be returning to the Luft'46 stuff or the realspace rocketry? I think the Luft'46 market is pretty glutted now, but there's room for some post-war prototypes.
Now, a reasonably-priced reasonably accurate lunar rover in about 1/24...
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Wulf Corbett
The real space stuff; a revamped and improved 1/72 X-20 should be first, but a 1/144 Convair NX-2 nuclear bomber should follow that.
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Scott Lowther
Which 1/72 kits did you produce besides the X-20 project?
Anything new in 1/72 scale, especially if never produced or long unavailable, would be most welcomed.
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Oh... buncha stuff... Sanger antipodal bomber, Gemini B/MOL, several add-on kits for the X-20, the manned A-9, and a number of Luft '46, and a bunch of other space models. Sadly I haven't really kept much of an archive of what I did.
Right now I'm looking at a series of 1/200 space launch vehicles,s starting with Titan III/Dyna Soar, and maybe going up to several of the Nova and early Shuttle designs; any ideas if these would be popular?
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Scott Lowther
Personally, my real space stuff is almost all 1/200 scale. I'd love to see a conversion to do the Saturn V/Skylab with the AMT man in space kit. I'd also be interested in Soviet manned rockets in this scale and a few US unmanned rockets like the Titan/Centaur and Atlas/Agena. A Delta III would also be cool.
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