Does Do17Z and these large RC models exist ?

I always find my other shows clash with the large scale RC ones so I dont know whats currently flying in the UK. I need to find and photograph in a private session flight for reasons I can explain to the owner, a well made accurate looking Dornier Do17Z and perhaps also a Ju88A and a Heinkel He111 all in Battle of Britain colours. They must have the correct camouflage and decent glazing. Does such exist ? Furthermore are there any large very realistic Fairey Battles, Hampdens, Wellingtons, Stirlings, Whitleys, Manchesters, Halifaxes. By very realistic I mean built by someone who has as much interest in exterior appearance and shape, truly correct colours (pre bought colours are often wrong on scale modelling circles and I have seen wrong schemes on the rc models also ), has an eye for how the real thing looks and fades, etc.

What few RC shows I have attended, albeit a few yrs ago, when I have seen a Battle of Britain period aircraft, its finish is far from realistic. Why am I in need of this accuracy, well I take the photos and put them into real scenes and it requires a certain standard to not stick out like a sore thumb. Static scale models sometimes can be used, usually 1/32 scale upwards when built by modellers who really know their stuff, but need photographing outdoors and the small scale is tricky for correct perspective. When I introduce humans as well into the pics perspective is vital . I now need flying shots for an air raid and other airfield scenes and hence RC models. Any contacts or links appreciated. Also anyone interested in building a Do17Z to these standards but needing plans also contact me. Thanks Steve

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