Will pay big money for these models.....

I am looking for several models but have had no luck in finding them
and starting to believe that these do not exist.
1997 Dodge Avenger
1996 Eagle Talon
1997 Ford Taurus
420a Engine
I don't care what size they are, so if you have an idea or a site where
I can find them, please let me know.
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Define "big". -- C.R. Krieger (It's what I do)
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C.R. Krieger
Depneds on 1.) actual model, or if someone threw it together to make it look like what I want. 2.) how rare they are. 3.) if it is what I am looking for.
Big, as in more than an average model car, but under $50 per model.Including shipping...(Based on average retail price of $20)
C.R. Krieger wrote:
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