Looking for good "how-to's" on lighting models

More specifically, on real-space and SF space models.
I've read up a bit on the general principles; the difference between
LEDs and incandescent, using Lightsheet, the fact that (if I recall
correctly) LEDs need a voltage regulator and use AC, while
incandescents (generally) use DC, and so on.
From what I've read, the advantage for incandescent is simplicity and
cost. The downside is that the bulbs will eventually burn out, and the
On the other hand, LEDs are cooler and don't burn out. But you do need
extra hardware, meaning more money, as well as determining resistances
and so on.
I've also seen several build-ups involving Star Trek models at
formatting link
and all I can say is that
Don Matthys SUCKS!!!
Just kidding, Don! I'm just very very jealous of your fine work.
Poing being that those works ups are specific to that model, and I'm
looking for something more general: I would like to find a good,
introductory, step-by-step work on lighting. Compare vs. contrast the
two primary methods I mentioned above. If that's too broad, I'll
settle for a reference for each.
Actually working with incandescents doesn't seem too hard after you
learn how to use a soldering iron, but it would be nice to see
recommendations on what kind of bulbs folks prefer, and where to get
them. And what sort of current you need to produce to light "x" bulbs.
I imagine if you come up with a really complex design using
incandescents you'll want to go to AC.
With LEDs I'd like to find something that starts me out with basics,
such as
-"heres how to light a single LED", then two, then three.
-should you wire them in parallel or not, and/or when is that a good
-how do I develop a simple blink circuit for (say) running lights?
That sort of thing. Now, there is kit at the local Radio Shack that
lets you muck around with LEDs and come with what seemed to be a
healthy reference book, but I wasn't sure if it was too
general-electronics compared to what I am looking for. Then again, for
$60 you get the book a test breadboard to wire everything together,
and a bunch of parts to start with. Maybe that's the way to go..
Any suggestions or links that y'all would like to offer, I'd be
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Casey Tompkins
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Go to Cultvman Sci-fi modeling page. Sorry, I don't have the link handy - just google it. Great site.
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Mike, thanks for the heads-up, but if you noticed, I had already mentioned Steve's site in my post! :))
But thanks, all the same. Good on ya!
Since I might not have been terribly clear in the original post (and this is to all, not just Mike), what I would prefer to find a generalized approach, as opposed to the specific "here's how I modeled the USS xxx" articles posted at CultTVMan. I'm not knocking them at all; you can learn a *lot* that way, but I would like to learn about methods in general, so I can come up with my own ideas, instead of just "filling in the blanks" the way someone else did.
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Casey Tompkins
For what it is worth I wired a 1/48 C-130 with several LED's power directly to a pair C cell batteries. It works fine. Everything was less than $15.00.
Lloyd Curtis Call the ball
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